Shadow/Texture Bug

So I’m still experiencing this bug, had no reply on my last post so I’m posting again hoping for some help.

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I just got this glitch. I think it’s time to do driver full uninstall.

How do I do that?

Uninstall with DDU (google it).

Make sure it’s done on safe mode and have the new driver ready.

I also found out it was my overclocking was triggering it too. So check that too.

Thanks, i think its my overclock that is triggering it.

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Excuse me, can I solve the problem? I still present this problem and the truth is very annoying

I just dont tab out anymore, and i turned my memory down on my overclock… it kinda fixed it but it still does it every noiw and then, i just restart the game each time… i dont know anythinjg else sorry

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Definitely definitely definitely…

  1. If you have your GPU overclock, turn down the overclocking.

2) Uninstall your drivers with DDU - disconnect your workstation / computer from the internet [Follow steps below]
a) Make sure latest GPU drivers are downloaded
b) Disable WiFI module if connected this way.
c) Disable ethernet or physically disconnect ethernet wire.
d) Run Display Driver Uninstaller in Safe Mode
d.1) Restart computer while holding shift key. Make sure to select start up options, and select Safe mode
e) Once drivers have been uninstall. Come back to Regular Windows and make sure you are still Offline (This is to prevent windows from installing it’s drivers, if you did it right, the display resolution will remain crappy until drivers are installed from your manufacture)

Test game. Bug should be gone.

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brother, I just did your method, I just have something to say, Thank you very much : "D finally the game works without any graphic errors

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update: I was playing a lot, the bugs appeared now 3 hours of playing, but they are very minor compared to doing the method, it is not 100% resolved, I will continue investigating how to remove this bug, but at least if something was fixed

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You are welcome sir. Definitely if it shows up at 3hours of play then it’s the GPU is overheating. Check your temps as you play and see how they get. At that point, might be case air flow and see what you can do to keep it at around 70 degrees.

I have a GTX 1050 TI, it handles average temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius, I do not think it is overheating, since I always give it maintenance and also it always works normal.