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Several questions about pc controls and stuff

so, i’ve got several questions. first, how do you counter vault kicks/cover grabs on pc? i somehow can’t seem to notice anything when this happens but ppl are able to counter it generally.
and other thing, is there a way to practice these counters SOLO? unfortunately i don’t have any friends to help me practice this (none of them have gears 4)

PS: don’t say “press v” or something, instead please say “press execution button” or “pickup button” etc. i have custom controls. thanks in advance :smiley:

For me, the counter is the B button, which would correlate to the melee button. Don’t quote me on that, but it would be my best guess.

There isn’t a specific way to practice it solo, unless you pack a private match full of bots and hide behind a cover,and hope one jumps over. It’s very hard to practice it solo.

The counter is the “melee” button or chainsaw button.

While playing on PC I never saw a “counter warning” but on xbox you clearly see B showing up.

just to be sure, it is ALWAYS a melee button, right? it’s not different for vault kick and grab?

Always melee. By default it’s F on keyboard

I’ve found it to be extremely inconsistent on both pc and Xbox, particularly against higher ping players. I have a friend in Canada who makes endless clips of her countering and I see the pop up happen on her screen. I think it only pops up for me half the time and even then, the game registering my counter is flakey. I used to bait people into trying to vault or grab all the time, and I’d press the counter without even needing to see the pop up, but it still doesn’t work all the time.

Regarding practice, create a bot lobby. Bots are programmed to grab you when you’re on cover across from them. You can get them to do it quite a bit.

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I felt the same way. I can honestly say I’ve never countered a single player in an actual online match. First of all it’s never on my mind but on the off chance it is it never works. It feels like the enemy gets a 5 second warning that I’m about to do it though. :joy:

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thanks a lot :smiley: