Sever issues get your game together TC

Tried horde,escape,versus all of them are kicking me out with server message or host changed and screen freezes which is a first for me anyone else?

You’re not alone. Probably some stealth adjustments.

Xbox Live is down

Affected services: Paid content, Social features

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And yet says all systems go

2 minutes ago it was red.

Here is a third party website that actually shows past statuses:

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I’m still able to play online on ufc 3 so I don’t think Xbox live is the issue

I believe you. I’m just frustrated that Xbox can’t even accurately inform us of their status

I am unable to join XBL parties or send messages.

I mean the least they can is confirm if there are sever issues atm within the game that’s my biggest gripe being uninformed isn’t cool

They did. If you press RT to bring up the Social tab, it shows a warning symbol and says social features are experiencing problems with the servers.

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My update broke partway through and now I have to download the whole game again.

Got to love when Xbox live has issues.


You’re telling me that not only does Gears 5 have server issues but sever issues as well???

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Your connection to the server was severed


Bro this is Gears. Severs are pretty common in this game. If you have issues with them then you need to play something else, like maybe Fortnite.

Certainly explains the wildly fluctuating pings.

Well since I made this post might as well lump this in there was just doing some Koth gameplay today and had to make own post In Lfg got 5 ppl then sent invites out we decided to switch hosts cuz I was laggy. Group commences to disband and dude sent inv out, only I never got one thank god for mics and we figured out I manually had to jump in game from friends list C’mon wtf that explains why I never got invited to prior matches In lfg I signed up for. Just another strike on the wall for me.
After that headache of koth decided to do horde with buddy on inconceivable I’ve had lag before in matches for horde and pvp but this one takes the cake full 2 secs behind constantly like no joke it was infuriating I play on WiFi but I have never had it act up that bad…