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Settle a debate for me (horde)

Assuming you have an engineer of course, where is the balance in value between leveling up your own perks vs contributing funds to the fabricator? I know this is a very complicated subject with plenty of nuances to it but just generally speaking, if you had to focus on one of these, what would it be?

Context. I play the engineer (Del) and my buddy snipes (Fahz.) He donates power if I ask but hordes everything to level up his own perks. I do agree with him that if he isn’t popping heads (which he can’t do at later levels without investing in perks) but I don’t think it’s necessary to lvl up to 10. One persons perks isn’t as valuable as getting a couple lvl 3 and 4 turret/wire upgrades, IMO.


I play Del as well and just recently started leveling JD and I agree with you. Maybe Fahz is different but JD gets large bumps for buying the 1st perk but after that the percentages aren’t high and by level 7 they are terrible. An example is the assault rifle damage, lvl 1 is 10% for 1000 power so not a bad investment, levels 2-6 are only 3% more damage each level for increasing power until level 7, then it’s only 1% per level up to level 10 I assume. I think everyone should balance their perks and depositing power and probably never buy higher than level 6 because the gains are minor compared to the cost.

I kind of like how TC is trying to make it so an Engineer and Scout aren’t mandatory anymore but if they want to do that they need to buff perks quite a bit. One thing that is annoying also is that Del doesn’t get discounts for upgrading like in Gears 4.

The group of friends I play with all work from the same page, and as a general rule we always do the following (in this order):

  1. Build a forge and upgrade it to level 2. All players contribute toward gathering weapons which they pile up by the forge for JACK to smelt (this goes on throughout the game).

  2. Build a weapons locker for JD and upgrade to level 2.

  3. Upgrade the forge to level 4.

  4. Build more weapon lockers for other players and upgrade JD’s one.

  5. Build barriers and start setting up the base.

  6. Build sentries.

  7. JD upgrades his Ultimate cooldown to level 2 so he gets a 10% boost.

  8. Continue building base. Players may upgrade a couple of perks - namely health buffs.

  9. Only from about wave 21 do players start on their perks.

The key thing is to get a forge, upgrade it, and players, rather than smelt weapons themselves, drop it for JACK who is using their Optimizer card to get more power per weapon.


It’s a very thin line to walk unless you have a Jack with a leveled up forge. If you got a guy playing jack who is good at scrapping weapons then you end up with a decent chunk of change. But without jack I think everyone getting better perks is important because the sentries can only do so much. You need players that can hold the line without going down every wave.

I think level 4 turret/wires are a waste of energy as they take to long to refill and cost a lot of energy to do so as well

Barrier-wise, even level 3 is too much.

I prefer to create what I call “train tracks” - set multiple barriers long-ways to create a square of barriers at level 2 to slow the enemy down even more.

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I’d say unbreakable Level 3’s might be better than Level 2.

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Horde players should really be able to cope with the first ten waves without needing perks to see them through it, if they can’t do that then maybe it’s worth considering a lower difficulty level.

Personally I’m more than happy to deposit everything for the first ten waves to give the engineer the opportunity to build a solid base. After that, how much/often I’ll deposit is pretty much dependent on what shape the base is in and/or how much energy is in the fabricator at the end of each wave.

The only time I would start investing in perks during the first ten waves is if the first thing the engineer buys is a sentry (as under those circumstances the game is unlikely to last very long).

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There is no need to buy any perks at all except for Jack on high difficulties.

JD is a beast in this game with the right build. If he is donating his energy then you MUST keep him happy with a level3/4 weapons locker.

Level 1 are very cheap,for any class.

Hmmmm yeah you could get them but they don’t do much unless they stack. Like look a JD:
5% critical
some small percent on his massive long term cool down
10% riffle damage when he should be all about explosive and bleeding damage
and some very small ammo regeneration
All of these are very, very useless in his case.