Settings reset since last update

Since last update, every time i open the game my settings are reset, it makes me adjust brightness, takes me to the tutorial, my sensitivities are reset and keybindings.

Xbox, PC or Amiga?

PC, it seems like its failing to save the profile because while i´m playing online there´s always on the lower left corner " saving profile icon and legend".

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I play on Xbox One console and mine reset as well. I found out when I noticed everything was very bright in game. When I went to the settings most of them were wrong.

I hope TC is aware of this issue because its really annoying having to set my key bindings each time i open the game,

Happened in gears 4 plenty of times. Most of the issues that pop up are from gears 4. I recommend taking a picture of your settings. I went bonkers one time in g4 trying to reconfigure all my settings to what they were and couldn’t remember.