Settings Question: Analog Movement In Cover

Has anyone determined what this setting does? On or off, analog movement in cover feels exactly the same, from slow to fast to roadie in cover, I can’t detect any difference.

I’d like to know exactly what this setting affects, so I can decide if it should be on or off.

I’ve been trying to gather some info about it lately and this is all I could find

Personally I didn’t catch any difference, seems mostly conjectures made by the creator of the video (although I greatly appreciate his effort and I wish the topic caught more attention).

Unless @TC_Octus can ask someone from the team, if someone wants a clear answer his best bet is asking Nodezero directly on Twitter.

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Will check ‘em out and report back, thanks!

Ok so the vids don’t say much other than it feels a little less sluggish with it OFF, which was sort of my thoughts, but the difference was so minimal it was hard to tell if it was just my own perception.

I’ve had it mostly off and I think I’ll continue to keep it that way, thanks for the link doomguy

What it means, is that if you’re in cover and let’s say your shooting the sniper with your left hand and then you go to reload, while reloading, you will keep your position, instead of going back to right-handed and then having to switch back to left-handed to shoot again…