Set your character, skin, banner to random

I play warzone frequently. (I know blasphemy)

I may just be unaware and it is a feature that has appeared in another game, but the devs actually were nice enough to include a “random” or “favorite” feature to their character selection so that your skins cycle every game without you having to do anything.

Simply select a few favorite characters, emblems, calling card and then choose the option and it will cycle these each game.

I absolutely LOVE this feature for the simple fact I like to be able to show off more than one thing at a time without the need to physically switch everything every game. And it keeps things less stale not having to see the same mugs over and over.

Would be nice if this feature were brought to gears and many other franchises that have so many cosmetics that you just can’t keep up. Might actually see a variance in characters instead of 3 out of 5 people are the newest skin until the next one comes out.

Just throwing this out there.


I like this idea. But what I really want is to set different skins depending on if you’re COG or Swarm and depending on the game mode like you could in Gears 4. Really disappointed they didn’t bring that back.


It’s really sad that gears 5 is a featureless shell of what gears 4 ended up being