Session incompatible with this game version

So both my pc and xbox are up to date (neither show they need an update even after a hard reset) but everytime I try to join the other it says session incompatible with this game version. Is there a way to force an update on pc? Has there even been one after the drop of Operation 2? Cause that’s the last update I remember

Strange, what platform on pc?
I know if (on Xbox app) I need to update it will log me right back out the game and auto update but I think if on steam you gota do it manually from your games list I think, been a while since I’ve had to, everything I play has auto updates…

Microsoft Store

Ahh shiiiiiii…

Had nothing but trouble with that place just trying to download an run a damn game, always gets stuck updating, I can almost certainly guess u need to find a manual update

Soz can’t help more

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