Services unvailable ? Is it me or ...?

Alright, I told everyone to come around 6pm (CEST) to play Gears, and its just NOT working right now. I try to find lobbies and get that message “services unavailable blabla”.

Im trying alone, and with my teamate, it’s like matchmaking doesnt work at all ?

And Xbox live website is glitchy as hell too. It doesnt send my messages, or says it wasn’t able to retrieve my recent messages, etc… ?

Anyone else having trouble ? I’ve searched the forums and no one is talking about that right now. We’re from Europe here.

Also, Im on my teamate’s profile and the option to inv. him is grey. If I try to invite him using the game lobby, it says “failed to send invite”. What is going on ?

I checked Xbox Live status and they say everything is working properly, which is a joke !

I have the same issue mate. Social seems to be working fine for now though.

Yup. Looks like Xbox live is having yet another service outage:

Yeah I checked many times and it didnt say anythng, I guess they updated it.