Services down main thread -30 June 2021

What’s happening?

Servers seems to be down…

Someone else just asked me if the services were down, so seems like this may be a issue, hopefully TC can get it fixed ASAP

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Idem. I have been kicked on my own private game.

I’m not disconnecting, I can’t connect to start with

It seems Gears services aren’t available…
I can’t connect.

Updated this to be the main thread til this gets resolved

Its 2:46am here, so I won’t keep updating this personally.

Hoping everything is resolved well before I wake up.


Sweet, thanks Wall/KD1 :slight_smile:

Oh no, they fixed the Marksman passive too well and now it’s shots are penetrating the code and blowing holes in the servers


Felt it too, but it’s already back online.

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Yes servers are down. Major problem is the connection.

According to DownDetector there’s been 55 reports between 1pm and present.

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I’m just a wall. Not a k/d ratio chaser.

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That was hilarious :slight_smile:

It would be nice if they are fixing connection issues.

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Ha! :rofl:

Thanks appreciate the info this happened to me and wondered why happy it’s not my internet

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