Servers not rendering properly (Proof)

Servers have been awful for me the last couple of weeks or so with not showing content, this is a competitive Control match.
Hard to compete with invisible enemies and grenades.!Av_5CyHV6npukC1qZZ-4cUbQyxoI

Servers have always been a huge problem in gears 5, But its not like TC cares🙄

everything looks fine in that video you posted.

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If you include an invisible shock grenade…

Sadly the servers on horde is getting worse,I’m now only playing horde frenzy (only 12 waves)This way I get better score(s) not a lot but I play to relax.And help other’s

Quick update.
I am still getting flashed, shocked or killed by invisible grenades.
Here’s another video to prove it.!Av_5CyHV6npukEsnkpmFMBjNrw_Q