Servers have me lost

I’m lost with the Mexicans they have told me things to do and the swarm disappeared and they glitched the game but I’m in usa… damn near canada lake Erie is literally at the end of my street, and I’m matched with Mexicans always. Why

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Goats are like mushrooms. If you shoot a duck im afriad of toasters.


If the servers work as intended I should never have to speak spanish to be able to play a game

No one wants to play against Mexico players. It’s a sad reality that their internet quality is subpar and ruins matches.

My biggest issue is we’re spending 30 minutes to find a match. When we finally get one someone on the enemy team quits within 30 seconds and then it cycles down til it’s 5v2 and we get negative points to our rank because “we should have had more points”.

I’d gladly play against Mexicans at this point. I’m about done with this game if I can’t find a match more than once an hour or so.

Game is trash, TC siht the bed. Matchmaking taking 10m+ and then finding Mexicans this close to launch is a total disaster. No one wants to talk about how bad the netcode and servers are. This should have been a Gears 4 DLC at most, minus the SP.

im in nz and get match with yanks, mexicans, hell the only country not be matched with is probably russia, either that or most people have really bad net service, my ping is always between 30-45, and come across people with 240ish - 1000

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I live near the East coast of Aus & ‘Australia East’ is probably the server I’m connected to the least.
Something’s definitely not right.