Servers Down? Cannot connect to anything

Attempting to play a private lobby right now and I cannot connect to the servers for some reason, all 5 members of my party are experiencing the same problem, and have been given the message “kinnerlake” as well as “0x80190101f4” …whatever that means… I am west coast servers… cannot connect to anything at the moment, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Yes, started a similar thread a few moments ago. They’re looking into it

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Same here

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Yet again a screw job of season pass.

As you can’t even play the maps in private that you paid for, even if servers are down.

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Problems with Xbox Live Status,

Please pay attention to the service status here;

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The two are unrelated. It’s an issue with the gears service and their servers, nothing else.

Severe problems getting a connection to gears servers