Servers down again? #2

Not affected in the exact same way but list takes forever to load and sometimes it times out with this error.
Edit: Tried to host now, same error.

First things first!

I’m in the lobby now. Let’s see if I can make into the hive and outside before the server kicks me again.

Welp, couldn’t even start the match.

I believe so. I just got kicked from a versus match about 45 mins ago and i can’t even get a game on GOW 4

Thought u are putting back previous tunings…

I succeed in doing one escalation but at the end an error occurred gathering the results. Now it is impossible. PVE is still down …

Here we go again.

This is upsetting news. During lockdown Gears 5 is all we have. That and our sweet sweet style :joy:

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Yeah, I tried to play Gears 4 just now after getting off work and chalked it up to the very heavy winds in Washington right now. Guess its an issue for every Gears. Oh well. Back to some other game I guess.

Can’t join a game or create a lobby …UK based

Why does this keep happening? Who is it that isn’t paying attention there? Why does this stuff even fail in the first place?

Finished LE, 0 rewards. F me.

Horde frenzy seem fine now. No lag on searching …

Until you get to the results-screen. I have no hope of getting the cards I should have gotten for that run.


I had luck it was finally ok. 12 waves and cards drop. Good. I hope for everyone as well