Servers/Data Centers still need some adjustments

I’ve wrote a couple times about this so I was glad to get a response that you were working on some server issues . I’ve noticed some difference since the recent update, but the problem still exists. I have got kicked from less games, but I am still lagging minutes at a time and so bad I can barely move around the map, let alone line up a shot. If this happens during TDM and it’s a pretty even match it won’t be by the time the lag stops because I’m basically a free kill to anyone that comes across me , though I might be able to get lucky and chainsaw someone.
Is this something to do with code /algorithm that is suppose to make the game even for everyone? This is still happening everyday multiple times a day. I haven’t recorded game clips Everytime this has happened, but I have quite a few showing my ping with a number no higher than 60 to start and when the lag is occurring my ping is still at 60 and not fluctuating enough to be the issue.

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