Servers bugging today? (Main thread. Issue has been fixed)

Having progression not registering and in some cases resetting.
Completing tour objectives, having the “objective completed” message pop up on screen. The match ends and the objective is back to 0 progress.
Completing 2-act escape hives only to have the game say I only did 1 act.
Thought it was a visual bug at first so I restarted the game to see if that updated the correct stats but nopes…Same thing

Whats going on TC?


I had problems in the early hours of today - around 2-3am (UK time). They were intermittent though and some my daily objectives took a few tries before conpletion was registered but I was able to do them eventually. Also after games no XP was given (although I am maxed out, just the post-game screen usually indicate XP and whether you have boost or not being given despite being maxed).

Exactly this
Maybe maintenance or something but havent seen any announcement anywhere

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Same problems here at about the same time as @Bleeding_Pepper (also UK), and still at around 10am.

I think it’s a Microsoft thing in general - the rewards system has also been pretty broken for the last few days -

Play 1 game of Jewel - took 5 games before it registered,
Mobile searches - 20 required but took more than 3x that to get to the full amount,
PC searches - lost count of how many were needed to get to the daily maximum.

Information hard to come by as usual. :unamused:


Same issue, restarting the Game after finishing a Daily/Daily-Objective did help yesterday but not today.


I suspect its just coincidence. GOW5 servers was fine for me up until the early hours. Microsoft Rewards has been problematic for several days. Even weeks (to varying extents). Bing searches have been slow and not always registering (especially on mobile); the daily set (clicking on links etc) would need you to click/open them twice to register; and the 50 points you get for getting a daily achievement has been wonky for at least a week. It would take hours after unlocking the achievemwnt before you could actually click and claim it; and for the last two days doesnt work fullstop.

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Not scrapping my duplicate cards either.

There seem to be on-going intermittent problems with the servers. The post-game screen keeps saying that there are problems with retrieving stats or whatever, no cards are being given out etc.

I completed the daily Escape on my primary account and it records that I completed only 1 act (1/6 bonus cards given). I did it a second time and it still indicates 1/6. I did it on my secondary account twice a little bit before that and that recorded progress, cards etc fine.

@Major_Schaefer Regarding the Microsoft Reward problems that you mentioned, interestingly I was able to successfully redeem the 50 points for the daily achievement thing for my secondary account, but not my primary. Given your suggestion that the MS Rewards and GOW5 servers could be related, I wonder (and this is just speculation) if it’s specifically an issue that affects certain gamertags? I mean, not that many people have replied here saying that they’re experiencing the problem so presumably they’ve been playing GOW5 fine.

Problems with servers and getting rewards , in the horde and escape for about 12 hours .

What region/country are you in?

I’m in the UK. But like I said, I experienced these issues intermittently on my primary account; but it seemed absolutely fine on my secondary. Could just be due to timing, or there may be a correlation. Who knows? I’m not massive concerned. The last error message I got said something to the effect of “don’t worry your progress has been recorded and will update soon” or something like that.

Sometimes you have to restart the game, or at least return to the menu to get it to realise and scrap them.

Or it does it after the next match/game.


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Yeah something seems to be going wrong when the match ends, whether you finish the match or quit early doesnt seem to matter. Just finished the daily horde on 50, didnt get the daily rewards and bonus cards are on 5/6. So I think it didnt register the final wave completing.

Im in the NL

Yeah, yesterday the dailies weren’t tracking right. And it took me about 6 hours to finish the dang Daily Set on MS Rewards, too.

I tried again today to knock out the last ‘15 Drones Elims in Horde and Escape’ and finally got them, and continued through the next boss wave, but wasn’t rewarded any cards. Hmm.

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Those who do this need to solve problems (and not create, as a consequence ) or close servers until the problems are solved so that people (players) do not waste time.

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I don’t disagree. Things have gotten strange. Didn’t see any Packet Loss or bots sponging in the past couple days though. So there’s that.

And none of the dailies tracked today…

Restarted game, and now when I hop back to Custom Private Versus, I’m getting a ‘Check Your Connection and Try Again’ message when I try to select a different skin.

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It’s entirely hosed right now in North East Ohio, USA. Playing in Horde and none of the skill cards are registered at all, doesn’t matter what class, no cards are listed.

I have let TC know this is still occurring and in various regions.

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