Servers are unstable - Ranked

Hello Gentlemen,

Two teams got kicked out twice just before the match has started with persistent IBRI problem when ever attempting to rejoin.

As a result, one of my friends in the other team has de-ranked for unknown reasons.

Concluding that, Season 4 Ranking system is unfunctional and has to be revised ASAP.



An actual issue that’s probably going to get buried in a swarm of “pls give Phantom skinz” and “gimmeOnyx guard jajaja” posts.


To make matters worse when you actually get into a match it’s full of 400ms players sponging everything. Season 4 has been a disaster so far all around.


Its Unbeliveable how different the teams ping can be,i just played ranked!
Against a full team with 200-to 300ping,that was horrible. And my team had a stable 30ping. It is unacceptable,when our low ping feels like 500 ping in my movement,shooting and clutching.
A full team of good players with 300 ping is almost impossible to kill because,they rubber band,and sponge. It is the only time i quit ranking in mid match. Please fix this. At least make a lobby for the high pingers 2 play eachother in ranked. it sucks to lose because of some bad lag compensation fail.





Every match tonight has been horrible. High pings and extremely high ping spikes. This needs to stop.


The highest pings should go 90ms max. That means the same continent player. Everything above 90 just NEEDS to be filtered. It’s pointless to base Ranked on intercontinental matchmaking while it’s unplayable and while quit penalties applies, when it practically plays much worse than casual and you’ve been forced not to quit to find a better lobby. And it’s like almost 2 years now, repeating the same over and over…

TC just stop bullying us with your idea of perfect matchmaking within the 250ms net latency window. It doesn’t work for too obvious reasons. Just change that matchmaking window and we’ll be OK. Might even want buy some pack, just one not many…


It was bad last night. We found games but our pings usually were 30ms were 90ms and most players had 150ms plus


same problem here

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This happened today, we were stuck in the match’s result and even if we quit, the session was still active.

Servers are unstable.



I played 3 matches tonight and the lag was awful. No idea why I’m playing with 100ms player with unstable pings (1100ms spikes!). Can’t beat players that cause my 25ms ping to teleport around and grab cover that I’m not even asking for. It’s time to make your matchmaking stricter on all Ranked playlists. No mode should feel like a chore and no mode should feel worse than playing a game online in the early 2000s.

No excuses for this to be allowed. Stop pairing me with players that have fluctuating pings. It’s not a one off thing; it happens every match and I for one am tired of it. Ranked, Social and Special Playlists all have this issue. Enough is enough and telling us it’s working fine is NOT making it better.

This is 2018. No excuses for sub-par experiences. If a player can’t provide an optimal connection then punish them rather than the rest of the community. As technology evolves it’s supposed to offer a better experience. Stop holding back those that have evolved so those that are still behind can feel included (and given an advantage at that).


I think it’s a business model for no official MS support regions like Middle East, Africa, Russia… Allowing high pings in matchmaking keeps them in play. Quality wise announced as “coming soon”, new Azure servers in UAE and SAR would be a magic relief if they are included in the Gow data center list! But! The problem of highly variable SPIKING ping players will stay anyways and just needs to be tackled asap, that crap needs to stop existing. There should be a filter in lobbies, after the matchmaking.

No.1 source of unstable lobbies are crap connection spiking pingers.



You are doing a great job.

For real, lol.

I just joined a match with a 17ms ping and the enemy player, from Mexico of course, sponged a point blank shot for 53% but one shot the wall and I exploded. 120ms ping or something along those lines always wins…

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Same here i play in King of the hill, dodgeball and Escalation and the lag is so amazing

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