Servers are trash!

The game servers are very bad, Whenever I want to play I have too much lag. I have a good internet connection and even though I have too much lag.
And that causes players to be expelled from the game due to bad connection or leave the game.


I agree with you all my friends stopped playing because of bad servers no matter how good connection i got lag this game have worst servers i have no problem with other games


I have no issues with the servers but the game has issues handling high ping players.

The servers are actually very good for EU.


I’ve definately toned down how much I play because there’s no point. I’ll just be kicked from games due to poor mp connectivity. I keep thinking the issue is on my end but I can play For Honor and MW3 perfectly fine in MP. Oh and my ping is always between 20 and 40 - Canada

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That makes you THE ONLY ONE using GEARS SERVERS and VERY GOOD in the same sentence.

Gears 4 is dead, not played in a month because the servers were unbareable. Came on today had 1 game of TDM my whole team were on 90+ping and the enemies were on 12…

That’s why gears dosn’t get new players or sustains its current playerbase… its having problems that games in 2001 sorted out and fixed…

I can connect to them perfectly fine and as stated before - it’s the players with high pings and fluctuating pings that cause issues, not the servers themselves.

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BS, only in the last two weeks or so I’ve been kicked out of lobbies, matches timeout, lobbies dissolved numerous times causing me or my teammates timed suspensions, also EU region. Plus that what you’re saying for troubled pings…

I’ve very rarely had those issues.

Only high ping players causing inconsistencies / sponging etc.

That’s not the severs themselves. That’s just the game not handling it well.

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Now I’m very curious to know, how do you differentiate gears servers issue from gears game not handling it well??

Because the severs are Microsoft and the Netcode is the game itself.

When everyone is between 5-25ms, the game runs fine.

As soon as the game includes high pingers / lag spikers - then it starts to go spongey, laggy and very inconsistent.

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This pos game will drop you when a match is ready to start then suspend you. Gears sucks

I’m sure it happens to people but that’s never happened to me or my friends.

The only time that happens to someone I know is because they know their internet isn’t the best.

You’re lucky then. I’ve been kicked and suspended twice and i have a 500 mb connection. I shouldn’t lag out even if my whole street was on my connection. I can only imagine how bad it is for people that don’t have great internet.

I must be lucky because it’s never happened to me - I’m not saying it doesn’t happen to others but I’ve not experienced it.