Servers are horrid

Why am i playing with people with 90 to 100 ping like stay in your own regions, gears servers are beyond trash and unfair, why if i have 10 ping am i playing with and against people with 150 , even 80 is unacceptable.

TC SERA , or who ever is for TC why not actually voice these complaints instead of promoting this terrible version of gears.


Servers are complete crap this games keeps getting worse wtf epic fix ur sh**it.

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No body gets to pick where they play anymore. We can’t stay on our closest server. This is has been a thing scince gears 4 when they took away our option to pick a preferred server because of complaints just like this.

epic don’t own gears sense judgement if anyone is to blame its The Coalition


Just played TDM ranked. Totally Sh**show. My ping was around 15. Every other player bouncing from 150-300 ping. It is so bloody frustrating and disheartening.
Why does Gears do this when no other multiplayer I play, have the same issues.
For the love of Jebus, fix the code/matchmaking.
Games like this (there are many) I wish I could sack Gears, as it brings me far more pain than pleasure…and yet I stupidly play on…

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The biggest problem isn’t the high ping in of itself it’s the fact that the advantage is given to the higher ping player. This game is a hodgepodge of coding. I’ve argued many times that we should at least have the option to region lock. But then the argument becomes low population of players in relation to game modes and range to lack of support in other regions to which I counter argue that if they(TC) can’t support in those regions then they have no business offering it to those areas.

Err… Just wondering when you boot up your game at what point does it flash the epic logo? Epic hasn’t had involvement with Gears since Gears 3.

@FunkyScorp hey buddy …get back under your rock. People can fly did the development for Judgement. Since then its been The Coalition.

Complaining about ping speeds in matches is a complete waste of energy. Ive been complaining about ping discrepancy since launch when the player base was very high.

However you wanna view what im gonna say here is up to you. Im not saying it to be racist or Nationalist. Its just a FACT. Mexico has a large number of players. Mexico doesnt have its own dedicated server(i dont know why this is). And the internet infrastructure in Mexico is not as well maintained and upgraded like other parts of the world. Sorry its that way. But it just is. This contributes to laggy performance. Im.not saying everyone in Mexico has bad internet. Im saying that on average a players internet connection in Mexico is below the average standards of the US. Their is a reason they want to leave to come to America.
And since Mexico makes up such a large part of the player base, they cant restrict ping speeds. Too many players would be lost.


I can’t play anymore ranked at this stage. Everygame has rediculos lag and constatly has trouble connecting to the server. All began with the release of OP 6 and has only gotten worse.

Tonight has pretty much broken me. I’ve just been destroyed by a team of bronze 3’s! Hahahaha I’ve no idea what’s the script with this game anymore. I think I need Viagra for my guns.

Lucky you.:wink: my night has been awful…
KOTH on Training Grounds against a 3 man team (pings of 200 of course) who were friends of at least two of my team, who strangely also 200 pings.
So all they kept doing was capping, breaking, allowing kills etc, game took about 40 minutes, all the while spanning their characters laughs and talking via global chat.
I did bite as I was so pissed off. Absolutely pathetic, they were not even a good team.

Next game, got slaughtered by team of “legitimate” Masters, I’m currently Onyx 2 ffs .

Waste of my evening

I played a couple of blinders after postings here last night, won all but one of my matches. It’s weird as I have find low ping games but I ended up in a game with pings well over 100 and I was still at 15. My team walked Koth on Nexus even with pings I shouldn’t be paired with.

Well said, it’s about time TC listen or pack up their desks and ask Microsoft to get us devs who know what they’re doing.

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yea i got banned for 5 days after this post