Servers are down for maintenance


Yup just realized that when I look in and see 10 minute match search

Lemme guess is it night time for Americans?

Edit: Actually I just talked for cali so maybe not.

Late morning for US East.

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4:30 pm here in the UK. Guess ill play some Psychonauts 2 for 2 hours.

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Finally, they are fixing ALL the bugs in the game in one big update - great!


Lol, they are probably reducing the event to 400%


They shut down the servers for four as well

The tweet says 8am PT (Pacific Time).

Oh right yeah. I guess they woke up and started.

Get home from work on my weekend, turn on the console for some gears that I really haven’t been able to enjoy the bonus xp due to working and what do you know server maintenance for 2hrs. Wouldnt that figure. Lost out of bonus xp yesterday morning due to it only showing 100% even with a boost and now this.

This is part of why I’ll never buy another coalition game… this and the drained out achievements.

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9:00 a.m. for me!

12:00 p.m. for the East Coast folks

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Good morning to you.

Top of the morning to you mate.

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Well that’s GREAT! Be nice if there was a way TC to show us news and important info regarding Gears 5 that everyone would know about. I mean, gee, if only…

Nah, I can’t think of one. Nope.

Scheduled, huh? Couldn’t tell us that ahead of time in game, which is the most logical place to place it? That way you ensure ALL OF US PLAYERS WOULD KNOW?


Are you asking for logical actions from a triple-A franchise run by The Coalition? You’re expecting too much.


Everyone uses twitter, EVERYONE, didn’t you know ?

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I didn’t know TC actually did server maintenance, I thought they did plug and pray…lol

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It’s working again

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Here’s the thing.

I do use Twitter and I do follow Gears and I never see this info. The Twitter algorithm decides who sees what so it really is the worst place to put their game news and updates.

If only they had a website with forums to use or even an in-game section dedicated to news and updates. If only.

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