Server outage ::::::::

Server allocation failed, please try again.

Anyone else?


I’ve got Gears of War services are currently unavailable. Pesang.


Nice. Too bad this forum is just a void to scream into and no TC employee will take notice.


Yup. DOA


Yup. Dead for me, too… :roll_eyes:


Down in Germany too, pesang

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Currently have an Xbox Series X outage.

(It’s been sent for “repair” :unamused:).


What? Consider yourself lucky you can even get to experience Gear 5’s faulty servers.

I still got my old One X somewhere so even if my SeX would say goodbye I could play Gears :stuck_out_tongue:

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Down in UK also

No acknowledgment on twitter yet, only this gem:

Gears 5 Service Update: October 7, 11:20 am PT

The team is aware of disconnects currently disrupting online play and are investigating the outages. Thank you for your patience.

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Ha! Wise kitty. Yes, well mine suffered a tragic accident which led to the purchase of the Series X. Long story.

I was tempted to set up the Xbox 360 Slim though and play an old series called Gears of War. May do that tomorrow.

I’ll relive some good times, it’s a great trilogy you know!

I’m gonna bet it’s not coming back before I’m done playing for the day. Oh well.


That’s the spirit, lad!

Doesn’t matter, had SeX! :grin:

Well I’ve been wanting to play Alien Isolation again for some time, alongside other games. So a good opportunity to do that. Or at least start with it since school studies dictate I won’t(shouldn’t) stay up late into the night.

Get a SeX and play it at 60 fps. Not that it would make the gameplay any more exciting but still.

Don’t talk :poop:! There’s achievements to be earned.