Server or game issues!?!? Coop Campaign

Tring too play coop campaign, we both have the Xbox Series X, Fully updated with all content JUST installed.
Went into coop campaign and nomatter wich of us who are hosting the game will cause the other one too fall out from the party.
And we cannot rejoin that same party\ save.
soo we have too make a new game in order too play again.
it crashes around the same time nomatter wich of us are hosting.
Does not happen in the same area, soo this is a game problem for sure.
or there is MAJOR server issues right now. wich does not make sense when you look at how old this game is.
soo what is going on?!

I’m having I get the same problem on Xbox 1 I cannot host with party members nor can they join a game also i cannot join campaign through the custom lobby’s keep getting timed out error :frowning: yet I can play solo campaign multiplayer horde vs and escape it’s so frustrating

Very frustrating indeed! they have too fix this!
Alot of reports on PC having the same issue too.

Hope so lol not banking on it tho lol