Server Lag UK rediculous

I really don’t wanna be another moan ■■■■ but hey ho!

As if getting through the whole campaign on solo insane for it to miss one chapter out that was apparently not completed on insane, it 100% was

I thought I’ll jump in to some multiplayer to get two error bars lags as you get to an enemy, they seriously need to pull there fingers our there ■■■■, absolutely shocked in how much of a choke this game currently is, and I’m sure plenty are with me on this, from someone who’s played gears since gears 1 its an eye sore to see how bad this game currently is (server wise) (bugs around every corner) and still no fixes when they say they are currently fixing things, but in reality nothing has been fixed NOTHING, what a absolute ballache. :joy:

The servers today have been between 200-350 for everyone.