Server kicked me from a ranked match... Is there a way to get back my entry fee?

The game suddenly loses conection to the server and i have to restart, just to realize that the match has already ended, (because it always kicks me when we are about to win/lose) without the chance to even came back. And before someone mentiones it… no, im p sure its not my internet because my ping wasnt even close to 100 and everything else was working. I swear to god it has been happening so damn often recently.

Usually wouldnt mind this but getting kicked from a onyx/diamond match without even the chance to mitigate the punishment its beyond frustrating and makes not want to play the game anymore when it happens so damn often. Im ok with losing 500 GP, but 1700 points for something out of my control its absolute BS. Thats one of the many reasons why this system its utter trash.

Submitting a ticket would help or do i need to keep playing this s*tupid ranked season to get them back?

Chalk it up as a loss bro. What rank are u anyway?

My highest are currently diamond3 on and onyx 1.

It happened the same thing on FFA last week when i was 2 kills from winning and just now on KOTH when we had 25 secs left on the ring.

As much as this doesn’t help, sucks to be you. It’s gears 5 what do u expect. Really a fair game cmon