Server Issues Main Thread 16 Dec 2020 (Issues again Dec 17th)

Update: Dec 17th, more issues. TC is aware.

I got a quit penalty in a ranked king of the hill match because I lost connection from the host it said. Has anyone else experienced this? I shouldn’t get a penalty for losing connection when my internet is complete fine.


Search bar another thread has been started.

Update-I tried everything that would work and only my re- came back but my cards are still glitched

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Not sure why it’s not popping up because I’ve read the other thread.

Def not you for the game. Cards are gone along with the dailies, and re-ups.


I can enter but there’s locked titles on all the game modes and I’m not getting any points on the tour objectives.

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Same here. Levels do not show up either


I don’t think they’re making people buy the update just to play online are they?

think the servers are bugged because a lot of people are reporting things like equipped characters & skill cards not loading and getting errors on the match summary screen

Yeah my skills don’t work and no xp or cards for matches.

It’s not that serious

Did you purchase HB?

With game pass yeah. Everything working again already i think.

Oh. Online everything is working?

When the game is constantly going down, yes it is. I’m willing to bet if your internet was off and on like this game you would be the first in line to call and complain.


What do you mean the game goes down?

Nevermind false alarm
Time for borderlands

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Not really. Wouldn’t be calling for peoples’ jobs because of minor inconvenience but whatever. Sorry i said anything. Don’t care.

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