Server issues in Gears 5

Are there Server issues?!


Yes, when checking matchmaking options tonight there was no west eu or west us servers, i checked later and there was only 3 available, 1 was asia, 1 was australia and i think south us.

Normal ping for me is usually 25ish, however recently its been over 40, when searching with lowest ping settings we were put on servers with 120 ping.

Im an eu player.

I can try @TC_GEARS for help but…


Its the same issues i have thx for answer! The only good thing is im not alone with this dam issues.

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I’m playing (and hosting) my own Escape games - playing them solo - so no-one else is there, and the connection is rubbish. Not totally unplayable, but it’s hard to hit moving targets at times and there’s a definite delay of about 1 second between me firing and hitting the enemy; and the actual hit (and therefore damage) registering. The poor connection symbol that appears at the bottom of the screen keeps appearing too.

PS: I’m a UK player, so should be on the Western Europe server.

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Yep, same here, i’m in Aus, only 2 servers avail, asia & south central us, pinging at 200+ in own private horde, rubbish.

Just to add my bit, games of Control since Fri have had me on 120+? I’m UK based and typically have a ping of sub 20! Something is wrong.

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Agreed. Well said :+1:

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Re issues, the entire lobby just got thrown out of active ranked game and all got two match bans :thinking::angry:
…on the plus side got 2 MVPs on social…those bots rshitte :wink::joy:

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Adding my 2 cents.
I’m on the East Coast and when I host my ping is usually in the single digits 1-5, but for the past couple of days when I host my ping stays at 35+
And if I join anyone it jumps to 90+

I think alot of the servers have been offline in the last few days on and off. Maybe for maintenance work.

Yesterday when I was on there were only two servers showing (on the Options > Matchmaking section). One was the Central US one; and the other I forgot but may have been one of the Asian ones. I suspect I was connecting to the Central US one, cos my connection felt like the ping was about 100-ish.

Right now all of the servers seem to be back up again, so hopefully it will hold.

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Yeah from UK and i usually get between 5-20 ping consistently and ive been put in both ranked and quick play lobbies, both with consistent 70-80 ping wth

I’ve not played in about a month and was up for a couple of games this week but I think I just play battlefield and get raging at that instead!

Game just had a wobbly on wave 45 Icebound (Master). :sob:

Image result for a bit mild gif

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seems to be better for me now

Hey all,

Digging around for reports on this issue but volume seems low. Anyone that can confirm they’re experiencing issues please reach out to support or message us with details such as the game mode you were playing and time of day, GTs as well, and as many details you can remember, so we can ask the team to take a look. Thanks.

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I don’t think it’s an issue of specific players and GT’s. A large number of servers were seemingly unavailable at various points in the last couple of days. They seem to be back to normal now, but yesterday if I looked at the Options screen; and then the Matching sub-section (where it lists all of the servers) most of them were blanked out. Yesterday there were only two servers in total globally (Central US; and I think Asia). I’d have thought this affects all modes.

I played Escape and Versus yesterday and the connection quality seemed about the same. I think I must have been connected to the Central US one.

Some people posted pictures in another thread to give you an idea of what we were looking at.


Here’s the thread with a few pictures from other players.


Those screenshots were from when i was in a party of 4, we were searching lowest ping setting and we are all from scotland (although one isnt scottish🤡) time frame was about between 8pm and 9.30pm we were playing social tdm but kept getting 115ish ping so tried rank tdm and it was the same😢.

Image from tonight, ping is doubled from my normal ping.

2 images from the other thread incase you didnt look.

1 from 29th may 2021😁

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Hi Bleeding Pepper,

When we wrote that message we had conflicting reports on the prevalence of the issue, with some players indicating it had subsided. It’s just protocol to ask for details in case there’s a group of users that remains affected, so we can point the team in the right direction and narrow down the search for potential root causes. Didn’t mean to invalidate users’ experiences or previous evidence if that’s what the message came across as. Thanks for reporting and following up on this.

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