Server issues fix plz

I cannot join any game for competitive or core or group up with any of my friends what’s going on with it please someone give me an update

Servers are having issues.

TC have said they are investigating.

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Okay thanks man do you know how long it’s going to be down for?

No one really knows at this point. :disappointed:

Since it’s back to a working day I think by tomorrow morning they should be fixed but that’s just a guess :+1:

Is anyone else having problems as taking ages to find a game and when u do kicks u out love the game but come on fix it :rage::rage: plz

Server issues have been going on since Yesterday…

TC have already said they are working on a fix.

I can’t even find social matches. And now it’s saying “unable to connect to gears of war services”.

Well yeah, all of online had issues. They are working on it.

Hi all,

Please post in the primary thread for the connection issues which can be found HERE!

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