Server in southern Latin America


take out a server in Latin America we can not play competitive because our pin is too high it is super unfair that we have a pin from 80 to 100 pin we are from chile and we always have lag take us out a server for us please

we want to participate in the competitive please the coalition read this message take server to the countries below like Chile and Argentina that we have a pin too high and we want to participate in the competitive

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Just to help you out, what you want is for them to “put in” a server (“take out” means to remove).
I think that would be great because it’s hard for US players to play against high ping people because we shoot you and you don’t die sometimes because the connection is bad.
This is something Microsoft would have to do because they own the servers. I believe they have them down there but might not be allocating them for games.


Bro, Liquid from Brazil here.
just look…

Now, please tell me you live in Chile right? You can find ranked matchs of Escalation in your Country?
Because Brazil and Argentina cannot find matches of Escalation.

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Asia also need sever i hope gears 5 have better and more servers so everyone enjoy the game gears 4 have worst servers

we can not find games in our country