Server EU EXÉCUTION is dead

thanks TC, since your update regarding matchmaking areas I find parts only in two game modes, Koth and even, ALL other modes are dead, I sometimes find parts in executions, one parts every hour. thank you TC thanks to your update I can not even play in my favorite game mode that is EXECUTION. I come from L EU and I’m really disappointed that you only favored the Americans and we Europeans MUST OBLIGATE to play only 2 modes of games while there are so many others! You kill Gears, I hope on Gears 5 we can choose our server cae I think I’m big enough to know what server I want to play

Americans are being favored? It’s hard to get Execution matches for me too and when I do it’s full of people from other countries with terrible connections.

I know you’re angry, but there’s only so much TC can do when people in your region don’t want to play Execution.

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