Server delay on multiplayer

Hi!, Since yesterday appear a server issue icon when I play on line, This does a lag for 2-3 seconds and is impossible play. I have got a ping 10-20, when I test lose packages are in 0’s, I try reset the modem, reboot de console, open ports and nothing. I need play for a 20-30 min. to stabilize the connection then I can play normally, but if I go out to the principal menu again I have got a lag.

Can I do something? (sorry for my bad english, it isn’t my native language)

This is the icon
Gears 5 (2)


Don’t play online multiplayer with Wi-Fi.

You could be like me and suffer the beginning of my first match in the day with 200-1000 ping.


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unfortunately i think is just up to the servers (Does not fully depend on TC) :frowning: and even more unfortunate is that i think these type of issues are becoming even more frequent.

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Thats the packet loss symbol not network lag which I get at the start of every match I play in all modes.
I have high speed internet on a Nighthawk C7000 wired to my Xbox.
My ping is between 20 and 45 but I have the same thing with lag due to packet loss which makes mp unplayable.

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Damn!, just in the last week of ranked rewards.

Thanks a lot, I’ll be patient

Same here, hardwired in… Network statistics said 0 packet loss. play other games they work fine.



for some reason TC has confirmed to me that the standard packetloss symbol we all see in other games that is an industry standard isn’t actually packet loss but “trouble connecting to sever”


What does “a console connection issue” even mean ?.
An explanation of some kind from TC would have been nice.

Maybe the wire that goes threw the wall to connect to your modem is bad?

Nice pc advantage

My ISP replaced the main tap and all our outside and inside lines, signal gets 10 out of 10 now according to Spectrum, tried 2 modems and a combo but still have the same issue.
Upgraded internet to 400 and got new ethernet cables, reset Xbox and reinstalled game yet still have the same problem.
I can play COD, Battlefield, Fallout 76, Gears 4 and other games fine so it’s only an issue with Gears 5 and only started mid Op 4.
It’s extremely frustrating.


Yes I do same things and nothing. The main problem is that you don´t know what happens, I don’t find more information about it. The weird thing is that you can play other games without problem . I change DNS for Cloudflare DNS ( and reduce the lag just a little (1-2 seg).

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Snakes in the grass.

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I already knew where is the problem, It is my internet provider (Totalplay), They changed something on their server. I tried with other provider and I could play without problem. The bad thing is that they don’t know how to fix it. :dizzy_face:

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