Server crashes today

Just an FYI.

Luckily we didn’t attempt our Melee only classes Master Horde run today where the server eventually crashed on wave 48. (Myself crashing 6 times during the run and two other individuals also crashing once during the match itself)

Gears of Bugs I guess :slight_smile:


Glitch 5 i’ll be lag

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Sadly yesterday morning,was on wave 48/49 then I was shot back to closing my console down,and restarting on its own map all fathers/horde/advanced/Playing jack.Many thanks Op,for the info

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Surprise, surprise.

I had crashes in back to back matches. was able to rejoin both.

I got dashboarded several times yesterday. Luckily I wasn’t in any games at the time. Once I was in the Escape lobby section; and two other times I was in the customisation section.

this game plays like a buggy alpha. i think i will come back when they release the finished game. gears 6.

It really is tho. game updates for content are not so great either. I’m still waiting on some maps. The editor for multiplayer and horde. A reduction in the nooby as hell gib range. And just general bigger scope of gameplay. It feels so outdated.

Gnasher gameplay is getting old. Lancer is getting old. All the weapons from g4…

Franchise needs an entire overhaul done correctly.

I dunno maybe I’m just done with gears of war. It’s boring.

core gameplay is fine. not a fan of high bullet magnetism or barrel shooting though . gears just needs bigger modes and bug free gameplay. how is koth still the best mode they have to offer, lmao

We’re investigating the issue and this already has a thread about it - please put in a Support Ticket with video/screenshots.