Server allocation error

Anyone else getting this? Been happening for the last 10 mins.


Yep me too. Private horde.

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Yep, i am also getting it. @TC_Sera please help.

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Private escape for me.

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Same in Versus nothing works

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Yep, this issue rears its ugly head again. At least it gives me no excuse to actually get to bed! :smile:

Public horde for me FFS was gonna have a nice session before movie time with the wife but hey not today hope they fix it soon

Me too, on horde

Yeah tried to get in on some speedruns and it’s not working out.

Gears of war 4 is down too

Yep, code Ragani is my error code as well.

they announced on twitter that they are working on it

TC are aware of the issue and should have it resolved before the year’s out.

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The team is aware and it’s under investigation.