Seriously wtf is wrong with people/daily/escape

Why does it take me hours to get a daily done now . They are so much harder and people quit so easy . Half my day wasted on loading screens . Jesus F’ing Christ I know people will say this game was ruined already but this is ruining it for me

just find someone to play with? One player you can work together with is easily enough for most hives

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It sounds so simple but I can only rely on ransoms . What a world

Xbox or pc? LFG can help out a bunch as well. Also, depending on the reward you’re going for, you can create a custom game with different modifiers to attract ppl. Hope that helps.

Finding a decent group is easily the hardest part. But as you probably noticed by now - the game is unplayable without a group of players with good chemistry.


2 hours later still can’t do daily escape smh

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If you still need help, I’ll be playing in a few hrs. I’m happy to help.


No need for ransoms, just pay me 25 doge coin and I will solve this for you

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Because generally people don’t usually stick to their Classes’ primarily roles and get competitive within the team, which causes incompetence fatal to the team’s victory.

I had to play the Gatekeepers daily with a Tactician who didn’t use explosives, opting for the Trishot over the Salvo, and with a ranged Brawler who had trouble even killing Juvies.

I chose Marksman though, so was able to do all the work and we only had one fail. I just don’t get how you join a Master game as Tact and don’t grab explosive weapons or you use your ult when not even in venom.


Heh. My first attempt ended in failure too (after several retries). And to think we had probably the strongest possible combination of classes (Tactician, Infiltrator, and me as Marksman). RNG meant that the Tactician had no explosive weapon going into the 2nd fight until the DR1 Devastator. I managed to snipe all of the bigger enemies but the Infiltrator was awful and couldn’t sustain their stim and kept going DBNO. I have a funny feeling they didn’t even have the Enhanced Stim card on. They were losing their stim VERY quickly.

Eventually I started my own lobby and took the Infiltrator role. Problem solved.

My point exactly.