Seriously why only 5 weapons for ranked season 5?

It was confirmed in the dev stream on Friday that their would be 5 of the season placement skins (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx, Diamond skins) for ranked season 5. They said it would be the Lancer, Boomshot, Torque bow, Overkill, & Enforcer for season 5. But for the life of me I really can’t understand this decision…

Seriously I really don’t understand this…

Why can’t all the weapons be available since the website is now up???

I thought the whole reason they made it only 5 weapons was because of faster rollout times

This Season, we’re changing the way we do Ranked Weapon Skin rewards

Previously, your placement in each playlist would determine per-playlist rewards. This Season, we’ll be making the system simpler by offering Rewards Skins for 5 weapons based on your overall highest Skill Placement. In Season 4, that skin set includes the Gnasher, Markza Mk.1, Longshot, Boltok and Snub!

While we love the challenge of the per playlist system, the rollout and length of time it takes to achieve isn’t up to the standards we’d like. By simplifying the system, our hope is to get rewards out to players MUCH faster after Season 4 – and potentially even making them claimable mid-season.

Ok soooooooooo TC you have the website up now that can claim these skins …

There’s literally no reason to not make all the weapons available to be earned. You’re just holding the rest of the weapons hostage at this point. I just seriously can’t grasp why they’re doing this…

If they do all weapons at once then there is no incentive to continue playing ranked if you managed to get all of them in one season.

And isn’t that what the Seasonal Ranked Challenges are for? The diamond scion & ruby scion & Diamond Female cog

I dont think after season 5 they going to do more ranked character challenges imo. I feel they only doing it again only because cog lacking a ranked character variant.

When they were showing off the ruby & diamond scions on the stream for the first time, I remember them saying it was a simple texture change/edit to the character. So tbh it can’t really be that hard to bring them out every season.