Seriously Times Eleven

I earned Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1 tonight, which now puts me at having all eleven Seriously achievements (twelve if you also count Not So Seriously from Gears GFWL).

Just curious if anyone else has earned all 11/12 Seriously achievements, or if I’m the first to do so? Based on the data on TrueAchievements, I think I may be the first. Though I have not completed all of the games yet. I still need the two level 5 allies achievements in Gears 5, and the max pin and max player level from Gears Pop.


I believe you would be the first. I am still 2 off.

Edit 1 off now, just need Seriously in UE(W10)

Edit: Deleted the rest because of the extra data OP wrote

I still need G5 Seriously.

I have every Seriously (except Gears 2 JP and Gears UE PC, I forgot that PC and Xbox are separate achievements), even Gears POP!

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I really need to go back to finish GOW 1… :sweat_smile:

I should be popping 5.1 this week with the 4x Character XP event

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Can’t go off of true achievements though. You have to be registered there to see who has what. There could be a few people for all we know that has all of them.


That is fair enough, though if someone was that active (especially for the irregular games, like G2JP or UEW10), it would be odd for them to not be.


Good luck in POP!

That’s going to cost a pretty penny (or years) to get to max level.


Ehhh some people don’t want to be in the spotlight although I don’t think this would be a spotlight event having all the seriously’s completed.

You would also reasonably have needed TA back in the day to work on some achievements (prior to LFG).

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To max it, yes, but Seriously POP! is pretty easy to obtain.

I sort of hate how easy all of the Seriously achievements have become in the hands of TC. It used to be one of, if not the last achievement in a Gears game. Now, with dumb stuff life maxing a Pin and XP in POP! and the BFF achievement in Gears 5, it’s like an afterthought…

But you are correct… POP! takes many a penny… :sweat_smile:


Mostly true but there are other achievement/forum sites that could’ve helped. Gamefaqs has been around a long time and that’s how I got help for the best game in the franchise GOWJ to obtain all the achievements.

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Don’t forget that Seriously 5.0 is a multi-part achievement with this “live service” stuff(that term feels so stupid to use, just like “hero” for the Horde/Escape characters). Though it is not yet known when part 3 comes or what it contains.




…ahem, sorry…

Oddly, I did enjoy Gears 2 JP a lot. And something about its Horde Master (complete all 50 waves on all 29 maps) made that feel like the biggest actual achievement in the franchise. It took time, skill, and teamwork.

Everything else is either a given (campain chapters), luck/boostable (do something so many times), or just grindy (get so many kills/XP).

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Agree mostly. I hit gold early on in versus. Not sure how easy it would be to do now without spending a ton of money. I play mostly horde in POP anymore. When I step into versus I run into guys with unbelievable leveled pins. That game has made a small fortune. To its credit there’s always something new going on.

That achievement was the main reason I wanted to play that game so badly. I had an blast completing it with my friends!

It would have been nearly impossible without it, I believe. I will give mad kudos to the first F2P player that completes that game, but I took the… well, let’s just say “less desired” road myself :rofl:

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You should be sorry!

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I’m sorry for a lot of things :sweat_smile:

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I managed to hit Gold League in Seasons 1 & 2. The only money I spent to do so was buying the physical Pops I was already collecting, and $50.00 because I determined I’d only get about 1/2 way to the 2,000,000 coins achievement when I unlocked Seriously Pop. But I did not realize how much more would be required to max a pin and reach Player Level 20.

I’m more of a “freemium” player. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on a mobile game. But I’m not opposed to spending small amounts occasionally on a good game. After seeing the math to max player/pin levels, I’m not inclined to reward MediaTonic for this game any more that I already did.

I will admit that, had I known ahead of time, I would not have either. But at a certain point, I was so damn far down the rabbit hole… ya know?

Like, there was a point where I was thinking, “I really don’t want to/should not be pumping more money into this, but at this point, if I just stop, I literally have nothing to show for it.” Not that a single achievement in a F2P mobile game was some earth-shattering prize for doing it, but psychologically, I just couldn’t stop beyond a certain point without having SOMETHING to show for it.