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Seriously this game is a joke now

(Krylon Blue) #24

Of course they are… they also sponge and ruin games for everyone else on a daily basis. Played a team of Mexico players yesterday where I was pinging at 20ms while they were at 120ms and nothing worked. My movements were all kinds of messed up and my shots didn’t register at all. The same issues happened for my whole team who were also low ping.

But hey, high ping players aren’t an issue…

(Ninja Golf2K6) #25

I got hit by a bug earlier where I had an infinite firing lancer but I couldn’t hurt anyone.

I can’t believe I paid $60+ tax for this game.

(nBw BlackIc3) #26


and @ iSpOol_TurBO

lol my power brick stopped working. right after my bumper broke on my elite controller. lol way to go microsoft wooo!!!.
Anyway i didn’t feel like getting a new one considering i share the TV with my girl and im able to still play on my pc when she is using the tv (i practically only play gears). but i guess im going to have to fork out another $60 to get a part that i feel like shouldn’t even be used anymore. i get my xbox it old but cmon! ps4 uses a simple little cable for there power. microsoft did this with their newer consoles but what about the people that have the older gen, you know, the people that supported you out the gate? but anyway my rant is over lol.

ps. i still play on the controller on pc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Duffman GB) #27

Just an update guys.
I have been Gears 4 free for 6 days now and I’m staying strong brothers and sisters :wink:
In that time I have managed to complete Spider-Man and start and finish the sublime Detroit BH.
I have also been playing KOTH on Gears 3 a fair bit.
So have I missed 4 and am I missing 4, ABSOLUTELY but I’m not missing the issues we have all complained about the last few months.
Will I return to 4, I would very much think so, just taking a day at a time. :slight_smile:

(Finnie1245) #28

Doom multiplayer is pretty fun. Great variety in gamemodes too

(Krylon Blue) #29

You’re not missing much, lol. The issues are extremely bad lately and showing no signs of improvement. Just today I had a match where two players on the same Xbox had a 1100ms ping in Ranked KotH. I don’t mean random spikes either; these were players with 1100ms pings from beginning to end with absolutely no fluctuation. They weren’t booted from the match so I don’t know what threshold they’re running here but it’s definitely messed up.

(Duffman GB) #30

Hi mate.
We can only hope it improves and/or Gears 5 is more stable.

I did try and play some koth on 3 last night, but the lag across 3 different games was so bad I had to give up and play something else (TF2) unfortunately you can either get a great connection on 3 or one like last night.
I would love 3 to run at 60fps, I would never need another game.