Seriously this game is a joke now

OK this is ridiculous. So many people have complained about the pc version of this game crashing for no apparent reason. Why are we getting penalized for a problem this isn’t our fault. We pay for a game that we cant play without it crashing. It makes no sense. Even if we get into a game a play a for a bit there is no telling when it will crash again and it usually does it while in the middle of a game. I’ve been lucky enough to have this happen at the menu but I shouldn’t be hoping and praying for my game to crash while I’m in the menu instead of in the middle of a ranked match. Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? sadly, this is the point its come to. I , along with many other players, play ranked and I shouldn’t be losing rank for “quitting”, Being suspended for" quitting" and over all I should be getting frustrated that a game i payed for isn’t playable. I didn’t buy this game to play social. This topic has be literally beat to death and still nothing. Please someone do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, about this.


You should really go nag Nvidia.
As for crashes, download 382.53

I use the 398.36 version and i have had far less crashes than before…I had downloaded 399.24 as soon as it was released and Gears crashed within 5 minutes of a ranked TDM

Quality drivers I see.

yeah…398.36 was the one that TC originally said fixes the crashing which it doesn’t totally fix it, its more that it just happens maybe once every couple of weeks and it hasn’t actually happened in-game yet only in a lobby

In fairness, they said it reduced the crashes, not fully fixed them. Still…

The one TC claimed was a fix did nothing for me but the one after, that they didn’t mention, helped a lot. I only crash once or twice a week, and it’s rarely in ranked matches.

It’s a joke, it’s basically a casino game at this point.

Press the RT and let’s see how delayed your shot will be and/or how it hits someone.


i guess ill have to try this since i honestly have no choice.

I just updated windows because i reset my PC and i played 1 match and it froze during the match…I might have to postpone the whole “game hasn’t frozen in a while” thing

1 year and even more from the exit of Gear4 I am suffering, and I want to sue them, in the rating game I have gold 3, but I feel like onyx, I am fined and given a ban for their technical malfunctions, after which I lose onyx and have a ban before 1.5 hours and I can not play and the rank-rank is downgraded to gold
I want to sue them
I have property rights
but I live in Ukraine
but Microsoft laughs with us, they are protected, they have cool lawyers

the final point was the last 3 days of the inability to go to the X box box from Ukraine, we are forced to use Speedify ,to overcome the entrance through the VPN from another country, for example, Poland, after which everything works, but if you hover (freeze), start dancing with a tambourine again for problems with inputs

AND this is BROKEN app xbox-i CAN enter in my browser and see my friend and all social do-but cannt play in gow4 without enter xbox app

my advice is observation-I play in the rating mostly in the TDM-that would play there without fail-play in public mode, in different modes-until the game hangs randomly in one of the modes (most of all if the king of the mountain - I hate him, IMHO)
after that the game will hang only in this mode
now play your favorite mode-TDM ranked for your chose (but now the game will have a chance to hang once or twice for the evening-but in the menu)
maybe I’m wrong
sry about my eng translate is bad and dont understand

[in rank i was have mvp very often]

Haven’t looked into Speedify but may I suggest instead.

asking people to roll back to a year+ old driver is ridiculous. no other game in my Steam library has had a game breaking issue persist for this long with out the developer fixing it.

just remember this when they want to sell you Gears5


Last couple of days have certainly been very poor connections. I’m talking prime time UK (19:00-23:00) wired, ping of around 20-30.
I had to give up last night and play something else…ok so it was still Gears (3) but that is hardly the point.
It is great watching my rank go from high level Gold 3, plumit towards Silver, maybe bronze at a rate of knots.
I will try again shortly and see what tonight has in store for me.

Im so done dude ive been playing everyday since the beginning of season 4 and i can rank up because of these freezes, no wonder why the game is dead at nights when there used to be people playing gears 24/7 and they took out warzone because of this too … loved that game mode so disaapointed in the coalition that they dont fix things as fast as they should considering if there was no bugs , this game would probably be one the best games ive ever played and ive played ALOT of games in my lifetime

Ps. Lol at the guy who said its a casino game at this point LOL

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Why can’t we name TOSSERS who ruin our games ?
Jo* sno* is a messer who doesn’t move from spawn but somehow doesnt get kicked.
1 WIN IN 4 DAYS IS F-ING JOKE. I have uninstalled, maybe a week or two off will calm me down :wink:


He may also need to ensure Win10 doesn’t try to update them automatically too…

Buy an Xbox! Lol

Better measure of skill with a controller anyway :grin:

It’s not just happening on PC,I’ve been having the crash issue on Xbox 1 and now it often kicks me out of ranked matches so I have to rejoin.

Just noticed something that me me chuckle

Check out the GOW Mexico activity feed, almost every person is a diamond. Comical.