Seriously TC, this matchmaking is a joke

Competitive matchmaking at the moment is an absolute travesty. I played 7 games of control and 6 out of those 7 games I was the top player on my team with 2-3 people on my team who seemingly had never played the game before. Some of them also went AFK and quit. This is unplayable as a solo player. These games are over before they’ve even started.

I mean let’s be real for a second, what am I supposed to do against a 4 stack of people communicating and working in unison with 3 randoms who barely understand the game mode. This isn’t an exaggeration whatsoever, if any other solo players could vouch for me here I’d appreciate it, but solo queue is impossible a lot of the time. The matches don’t even feel worth playing to me because everyone knows what the outcome is gonna be before it even starts. This is so frustrating. And it’s not rare, this is 75% of my matches that are like this.

Not only that, but most of the matches in general are extremely one-sided. Even in games that I win, most of the time they’re blowouts. Whatever the team building algorithm is right now needs to go. TC you’ve overhauled the ranking system, it’s time to make some changes to the matchmaking system.


If you’re a US player feel free to add me :slight_smile:

Played a few matches yesterday where our 4th (in a 3 stack) was a bot.

But normally I run 4.

Was the 4th Dave?

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Nah, David is capable of getting more than 7 elims in a respawn mode.


That has to be the nicest thing you have ever said to me🥺


He can get 8 max though

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Give it a week or 2.

The player base is all set to zero ELO so you’re going to be against all sorts of talent as the base was zero.


like Guilty said, everyone’s been reset. just like every other OP with a Rank reset.

did these posts flood the forums and social media every time a new season started? yikes.

Yeah, every game I have to carry. It’s annoying lol.

Control is such a bad mode for playing with randoms. This is why I hope they bring King back.

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They said 5 games til people would hit their placements and get in their respective skill tiers.

Ok, that’s fine. But I’m 35 games into Control and having teammates drop 10 elims every single game. This reminds me of early Gears 5 matchmaking.

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feedback thread


The biggest question we’re get regarding competitive is around skill ratings, currently we have a bug that is affecting the searching of competitive matches and not providing the fairest matches, this is an issue we’re deep diving into currently and want to fix at some point next week.

Competitive itself continues to be powered by TrueSkill which is the system we use to decide your skill rating.

Trueskill is a baysien skill rating system that takes a set of inputs (the player’s matches), and based on that and the player’s that are in the given match (and their skills), determines what the outcome should be and modifies the player’s skill accordingly.

As previously mentioned the most frequent comment we’re seeing is regarding the matchmaking in competitive is in relation to not feeling like you’re against people of the same skill. The problem right now is that there’s a bug where we don’t seem to currently use it for matchmaking, we’re looking to resolve this as soon as next week.

I mean…sometimes

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Probably would play better on mobile connected to his hotspot

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I still got about 10…

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I know it may take a few weeks for matchmaking to rank everyone accordingly and stabilize but we as a community will get through this. I’m setting up some support groups to get us through this difficult time.

Is it a symptom of the rank reset?, yes.

Am 'm tired AF being the top player on the losing team?, also yes.

I feel like TC need to take better account of our previous seasons performance whenever they do the reset.

That’s all you needed to say.

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Same feeling here so far , I ve been a huge gears fan since almost a decade now and got hooked eversince but now im just slowly starting to loose hope of being able to play competitive PvP and actually have fun again , This competitive and ranking system update is making it unbearable to play as solo , As an average+ player previously diamond in every mode , 80% of the matches i get involved in feel absolutely unfair and worthless to compete in , Always facing 4 men squads in control which in my opinion shouldn’t happen this often ! Gears is a coordination and team game for the most part atleast at a certain level of competition and premade 4 squad will almost always have a massive advantage over solos … it is what it is but i think you could try to balance things way more accurately , its been a stomp in almost every match since the OP7 update no matter what good of an individual performance i can give, it feels incredibly discouraging… Not to mention that post Op7 update i keep being matched with people on BRAZIL/USWest servers all the time !!! Which as an EU French player is like 200+ ping … it is literally impossible to play gears competitively with such a high latency and you just glitch everywhere with a reactivity and game response of about 0 , bullet track time is high , and every action performed takes 2 seconds to register … thats exactly the time it takes for an opponent to suck you out :slight_smile: it happens way to often ! How the hell could a player get paired with people this far away , We’re not even talking about team balance just yet here but simple server allocation and player pools managment , I’d rather experience a 5 mins average queue time and enjoy a decent quality game in which i can perform at my best than 1 min waiting to play another 230 ping 3 versus 4 stomp leading to more frustration… I can get that there is an actual issue with the Trueskill MM rating system algorithm and it can take some time to setup accordingly after the Op7 massive update and the leaderboards implementation but online PvP right now for the solo average player like me and probably a ton of others just feel awful … Hope we can see some improvements in the close future because this update is a cold shower for me… Excuse my english . i did my best :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


got matched 4 times in a row against the same stack this morning, and it was a stack of very strong players
the third time I couldn’t believe my eyes, yet they managed to surprise me with a FOURTH time against them

needless to say a bunch of randoms helped by a few that had no actual clue on how to play this game got steamrolled 4 times in a row and no fun at all

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Maybe should have backed out and waited 5 minutes after the 2nd time?