Seriously, stop giving me skill cards for maxed out abilites or at least give us some scrap!

I have been smashing horde on gears 5 now for a few weeks and maxed out the majority of green skill cards. Still reciving skill cards for maxed out abilities ,no scrap offered as an alternitive therefore no progession given for my time invested, even when played on harder difficulties . Anyone else have an opinion on this?


Do you play Master or Inconceivable for the Rare, Epic and Legendary cards?

Not being able to scrap cards at will, and getting meager scrap for playing stinks.

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Truth be told i ain’t good enough, i would probally be a hinderence to players of that level. Still even when i play on elite, i’m contantly bombarded with cards that offer me nothing as a reward was more to the point i was trying to make .

Master can take a fair bit of time to complete and even longer to find a team capable of doing it if you’re a solo queue or small team, but with the rate that you can earn scrap when all is said an done and the fact that versus even playing the higher horde would about even out the actual earnings of scrap per unit time invested not to mention the majority of uses for scrap go towards leveling skills anyway not the cosmetics. Gears 4 system letting you scrap duplicates and being token based let people buy the type of items they were looking for regardless of their mode, but now you only get cards for the character you’re playing so it discourages you from switching characters if you’re trying to max out the cards you like for your favorite character you have to keep playing as them even if you want a change of pace and the scrap system is so meager you can’t hardly use the scrap you do earn for anything meaningful.


On gears 4 at least you had the option to scrap cosmetics and skills not to your preference or play style, which i thought was good. Don’t get me wrong i hear alot of people saying this or that gears game had the best systems ect. Regardless if they gave you the same game twice people would still complain. I’m not a fan of pay to progess within the time limit, Reward the die hard players but dont punish players that dont have 30 spare hours a week…


Imagine having a system where you can’t scrap duplicates, but they don’t auto upgrade your skills for you when you reach the cap for that level.

I wonder if the reason they don’t let us scrap dupes is because they’re going to increase the level cap like they did in 4.

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Lets hope so, i got a lot of dupes doing not a whole lot.

I don’t understand why they didn’t have 6 levels to start with. This is what they ended up with in Gears 4 so it seems like a step backwards to start with 5.

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The system in itself is setup up to be against the player. The decision to not be able to scrap extras or they are no longer rewarded once you reach max level on a card is ridiculous.

Even on master if you look at your circle of what cards you will be getting it’s going to be a 40% or so chance it will be green…which is way too high for the difficulty. Greens should be at max like 20% on master.

Given that you need to be rank 16 with a character to even start receiving gold card rewards the system is built in such a way you need to play lower difficulties to level up and by the time you are of level to actually do the higher difficulties you already are finishing out your green cards since you are getting nothing but them and the off chance blue and purple card here and there when you get up to the middle difficulties.

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I really hope they just leave skills at 5. It was an abysmal grind in 4 to get things maxed even with all the speedruns at the time. All they’re doing currently with this new system is throttling player progression.

Yep. Same issue with me (Escape). My friend who has played less, as all his cards maxed. I’m constantly only getting duplicates of already maxed level 5 cards.

The RNG aspect of it is rather tedious and just flat out not-fun. Think I’ve done about 8 to 10 runs on Inconceivable/Master with ONE duplicate that I needed (still need a lot more to get to level 5). Whereas if you’re lucky, you get them faster than others who spent more time.

TC needs to let us scrap (or auto scrap) skill cards that collect duplicates past level 5.


So they can add them later and point excitedly at all the new content they’re adding.

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I have received a lot of scrap for playing escape over the past few days and ended up with 800+. As for the skill cards I believe they might be adding a level 6 since it makes sense otherwise why would that put that little number there?

Maybe it could go to level 10 or this time round but I don’t know and can’t confirm it.

i don’t think there will be a level 6 to skills due to keegans resupply speed loader at level 5 being instant reloads they basically have to nerf that card then add in more levels best thing they can do is let us scrap duplicate skills

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I only play master for both modes my Mac is completely maxed out and ready for level 6 on all cards…

You do already get scrap for that right? It’s just not much, like 5 scrap for a dupe green

You can bet on it that there will be a level 6

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Well good for you son!

you just gotta play the game