Seriously question

Does horde frenzy matches count toward seriously?


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My Exhibit Master completion counted towards Seriously… so it should, unlike what is said above. I know for a fact because I never bothered to run 50 waves on Master on that bore of a map.

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I dunno if they changed anything but it didnt count before

It does count.

I don’t think that solution is correct

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Yep, they do count, I can vouch for that.


They definitely changed something because it didnt count when frenzy was fist added

Could be, but I think they did though, I was missing all the horde maps from the launch set on 50 waves, since I simply don’t have the time to complete them 1-50. As soon as I did them on Frenzy they added to my Seriously progress bar. I only need the 1% from the 20 re-ups now.

The tracker were broken around the time Frenzy was added. Sometimes it would take an entire day or more for the tracker to move up.

I needed bunker and training grounds to finish out seriously and tried using frenzy to do it. It never showed any progress for me. I ended up doing both maps a week or two later

The thing is, the S5-1.0 cheevo is broken in general. Some hives/maps don’t count the first time playing them. And before Frenzy had its own stats you didn’t get a Master-checkmark.