Seriously none of the new carmines are playable in horde?!

Wtf I’ve been anticipating this since they were first leaked and I was even more excited when I saw Gary and then bam! Arcade abilities only. What a let down.


The introduction of the hero system has seriously slowed down the rate that characters are released in Gears 5. And I’m sorry if ppl get mad at this, but PvP shouldn’t have to suffer because of TC’s decision making in Horde and Escape.

Also, this is something the community has been asking for since launch. Release characters in ranked, then eventually into PvE. They’re listening to community feedback on this one.


They will eventually, but this is a shift in the right direction overall for PVP.

I’m a bit miffed that they don’t have PVE skills yet, but I’ve got other things to do anyway. Like grind for cards for Kat, Sarah Connor and Grace! :smiley:


If that’s the case then fair enough, but I’d at least like some verification on that. It would completely suck if they ended up a versus only character like the deebee.

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On the bright side it is unlikely that too many people are going to be complaining that they’re too OP in horde yet.

The article already confirms this:

“Anthony, Benjamin and Gary are different from previous character releases in that they will initially only be playable in Versus multiplayer. For our PVE fans, we know you want to play with these characters too. We have a broader PVE plan coming that will allow you to take these – and all COG – characters into Horde or Escape.”

It’s vague. It could just mean they will add the Horde/Escape skills later. Or it could involve a complete overhaul where they separate characters from their existing skill bases and allow players some choice in the matter.


Either way as long as I’ll be able to play as my old school carmine boys (And Gary the psycho.) then I’m happy. Thanks for the update.


If it’s a skin system I’m all for it because right now we have 4 characters unplayable in horde (Deebee and Gary,benjamin,Anthony carmine ) and if we can set up Ultimate and weapon loadout it can be cool but I don’t make me hope up for that

That sounds pretty great actually, less time spent on characters means more being released and better customization is always a bonus. Even if a system like this were in place though I don’t think the deebee would be joining the ranks. Considering it seems he was never meant to be in horde because it’s “too confusing” they likely never recorded horde/escape specific dialogue for him. I could be wrong but I’d imagine they did the lines for most characters already, even the ones currently unreleased. Honestly I think it’s silly though, baird and jack both have ultimates that counter this thinking and while they do confuse some players, horde is 50 waves for the most part, you get used to it.

I’m cool with PvP getting more characters, but I hope they don’t short generalizing hord and escape characters. I liked how Cole has a unique male, i like the unique ultimates and how each characters traits pushes you to play differently. Allowing you to just swap traits just feels cheap.


Deebee have funny line it’s enough to play them and if they want to put more characters I think they will skip voice line in the future because you need the voice actor for each line and right now I don’t think it’s possible.
And they say to put EVERY COG so it’s clear for me

Better to get them for MP now than have to wait months for them to finish their Horde skills. Just think, if they didn’t do this you’d be waiting for these guys for a few more months.


The hero system has been awful from the get go! I’ve been having problems in matchmaking horde trying to fill in lobbies but no because one of the players want to play as one certain character that I want to play either one of us leave or one of our characters switches to another one we don’t want to play. TC should of stick with the horde class system from Gears 4 and let us pick any class we want our characters to be assigned to.


They need to scrap the hero system and go back to how it was in Gears 4

New heroes for Horde please

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Still grinding my Clayton so a little wait isn’t the end of the world.

Agree100% and I say that as a devoted Horder, well I was until the less than impressive 4.0

It would seem TC have listened, the Hero system has been a nightmare for Gears and in my view it had and has no place in Gears.

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I also like the way TC will be shifting the direction of Gears 5 with this. They have been hearing us from even before the game launched that we want our choice to play as any character we choose, so I applaud & say thank you TC.

I was super excited to see the old Carmines brought back and of course it is a little disappointing to see that they weren’t for horde. In time we will get to play as them in horde so I’m not too upset about it.

I’m just curious what their ultimates would be. Maybe for Anthony you have sniper strikes like in Gears 4, Benjamin has poison bullets and Gary can spawn a turret lol

If I had to guess, their plan for horde will be to change it to how 4 was… I honestly don’t think they would implement this new system where they can release characters faster and leave half their players waiting without something else up their sleeves. They will likely make it so you can use any cards on any characters and then slowly release new cards whenever they want. That way nobody is waiting for the characters they want and getting new skills is like a bonus every now and then.