Seriously March 31

DOOM is coming out, not to mention RE3, how are you going to keep up the competition?

By doing what they did in GoW4.

Release a suspiciously timed update that adds some filler content with a few new achievements.

Also R3make is in April, can’t wait for that. Though I’m sure TC sees them as not long-term competion since both games won’t have traditional mp.

Even with RE3’s Resistance

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The lack of games,characters, maps ,horde mode, beast mode how about I give you till next year??

Are you asking for content in Gears 5?

Right away respectful young man, right this way through this door that says " E X I T " and never return!



doom and re3 are diferent genres
single player and fps

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Not at all asking for gears 5, if I were to say to my boss, hey its going to be a month when i get this fixed/promised. All of us would be fired

We at TC like to do our own thing. Because you’re complaining, we’re delaying our delay to announce that we’re looking into it and will keep you updated.

  • Ryan “Roddy B” Bikini, TC Master

Well thank you for listening, I appreciate it, if you really are from TC

He isn’t from TC.


Thanks, he can’t speak on thier behalf

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You’re fired.

  • Cliffo “Bod the Rod” Clang


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It doesn’t matter. If Operation 3 is good, people will come back and play it. Period.

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Let’s hope TC can get their **** together by then… The game has gotten so stale and boring. If they listen to their fans and focus on providing solid content, then the game could make a huge comeback. Let’s hope they make the best out of the next month and provide us with something good for Op 3.

I keep hoping for this every week with the store, every month with the updates and every operation.

But it’s just a constant let down.

I know they’re doing something but it just seems all meh in the end.


I hope today there’s good stuff being announced for the store. Last week we didn’t even get a character.

Then I get to try the Gnasher tonight and see what that’s like.

And I’m really hoping this delayed OP3 has some quality content.

I agree. It’s a constant let down. The game has the potential to be amazing. It’s painful to watch the game get worse every update.

Yeah, that’s the most disappointing thing.

It could be so much better.

TC - if you’re reading this, I’ll be a free consultant for you.

In fact, I’ll buy more Iron if you actually get the game working and fun and make some content!!!

I remember when you said the about the ToD 2.

Yeah, I remember that too…and Operation 2 for the most part was very good.

But it should have had more maps.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind that TC has put the operation 3 forward til 31st march as I was crossing fingers that the bugs effecting this game,are getting fixed first.ive seen the new doom eternal on game’s website with the helmet,it looks awesome But I will still be playing Gears 5,