Seriously Judgmental Not Unlocking Xbox Series X

So I decided to grind to unlock Seriously Judgmental on GOWJ and despite these stats show I completed all prerequisites for the achievement, it didn’t unlock. I tried contacting Microsoft and even Gears of War support and had no luck. Any suggestions on what I could do?

I commend the effort to complete Judgement like that.

Nothing I can think of besides submitting a ticket to TC/MS. Or try reaching them on Twitter.

Unfortunately I don’t think they use the forums.

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Try to usual stuff… Do a full restart of your Xbox (where you hold the power down for 10 seconds)then try opening gears again… If you can try opening it up on an older Xbox. See if that fixes anything.

Thankyouuu and where would I contact TC?

This should be it!

They no longer support the legacy games so no luck :confused: