Seriously Insane

So we’ve had six, soon to be seven “Seriously” achievements over the course of the Gears franchise. I was just wondering, if they made a Gilded Raam style challenge, that required you to best all seven seriouslys, what do you think would make it worth it. What character (s) would drive you to hit all seven seriouslys other than the just completionist aspect?

You can’t get all of them anymore lol. Maybe “technically”, but realistically, no one can go back and get Seriously or Seriously 3.0 anymore.

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Well true

I almost had 3.0, but I refuse to let someone kill me 5 times to get Nemesis over me so I can then execute them…over 100 times. No chance.

Fair point. Pride over Seriously.

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It could’ve been done with second controller. So you’d basically / technically be killing yourself, your own character.


Oh, I know. But I couldn’t do it. :joy:

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