Seriously Hives

Yes of course but this is a bit annoying. If possible I prefer fighting with a team. This is what I like in this game.

I will if possible. Thanks

If by team, you mean letting a Brawler or a Tactician do all the work while you have no ammo, sure!

If you really want to play the hive “legit”, I would recommend a Brawler with Killing Time build. It’s very good for the hive to kill everything in act 2 as it spawns.


Or something like BM + Protector and Nomad. Or even a Tact (HB and disciplined build) combined with an Anchor and again a Nomad.

But you are right brawler and tactician could handle the act 2 and any other mate is here as an insurance … not very fun but efficient

Anyone need a map?

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I need Gauntlet

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I need The Clock.

I need The Choke.

I need Venon Run Pepp :wink:

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Venon Run for me first

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Very hard hive - definitely can’t help you there :rofl:

Since the two weeks of making this post, I’m happy to say that my friend and I have helped some people with their hives and get their Seriously!.

Side note: I should’ve clarified that I am only helping ONE PERSON at a time. It makes easier since I’ve more chemistry with my friend when I’m helping a “random” as oppose to helping two people simultaneously who I don’t know well or their tendency.

I work mornings but I’m available in the evenings. Just hit me up and we can plan something in advance. Let me know what hive in the message on Xbox and we can go from there :v:t4: