Seriously Hives

A few days ago my friend & I helped someone do Last Stand after I made a custom lobby about helping people with their seriously hives. It felt great and I will love to help anyone who needs it.

With that being said, I figured I’ll post this here for those who need help. I done every hive multiple times and a few solos myself. Just hit me up sometime & let me know what hive do you need help with.

PS: I only ask of two things: awareness & effort

See you at the LZ :call_me_hand:t4:


Bump for the wholesome post.


Oh, I never know you’re in the forum, quite friendly to me.

I know you’re retired for many months, so hopefully you can be more successful in helping other completion of master hives.



Hey, you are on my friends list but how come we never played? Lol

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He mentions you sometimes :slight_smile:


Oh really? :slight_smile:
I think we played when I was such a noob :laughing:

we should all play soon :slight_smile:


We should! I’ll try to play today in a couple of hrs.

If you guys are online, shoot me an invite.



Thank you, I know how sometimes the gears community can have some toxicity, but I love helping people out as my friends will attest to. Figured I can extend a hand out to other fellow gears who might need some assistance. Awesome to see the positive feedback. :+1:t4:


I would suggest…

Lobby name, Rule no1, use a mic.

Good luck👍

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We normally ask them what map they need if they don’t answer in game chat we message them :wink:

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Usually I put: “Helping out with seriously hives”. As wicked mentioned we asked what hives and sometimes they say and other times they don’t. Helped out with Hunters, Link & Last stand for someone :sunglasses:


I saw that lobby, but I guess I can’t pretend I’m a newbie at all.


you saw it and didn’t join? I’m a little sad :wink:


because his title is helping for serious and I’m not the one that need to help for serious…and

I always want to troll on others, playing some underrated classes to escape, not that kind of serious. I’m playing for enjoyment.

Like using slugger on Ambush, robotic expert on The Line

but you can always join us :slight_smile: we can do all promo classes or something we should do the horde you wanted to do tomorrow or sometime

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I’ll see if I’m not tired to play in that time slot.

Promos on escape, quite cool, should be started in The Surge master :wink:

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I keep that in mind and will be glad to jump in if I meet this lobby. I don’t have mic but ingame chat is on. I really enjoy escape with different class combo.
Last stand, the Warren and the Malfunction are the 3 last to master and keep struggling with randoms on this difficulty.
My classes are at lvl20 (except arch striker and slugger) with almost all relevant cards maxed.

Looking forward to playing with such good spirit mates like you all.


Last Stand is the worst designed Hive in the game and one of my least favorites. Seriously do yourself a favor and solo it with Gunner - you’ll have it done in like 3 minutes speed running. The only skill card you need to use is Sole Survivor.


Sounds good. Just me know when since I work mornings.

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