Seriously fix the 99%

The SSG event just proves how terrible the gnasher is. For example the last match I played I had at least half a dozen where it was 99% in 1 hit or 98%in 1 hit, 97% in 1 hit and even a point blank 96% in 1 hit.

I know I’m talking to myself because no one is at the coalition anymore and if you are…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Just a little joke don’t get all whiney but seriously fix the 1 hit high 90 percentage shots that should be kills.


It also doesnt help the player base is extremely low


Yeah I wonder why?

It’s because they don’t listen to the players…

The game is so inconsistent because I had that game and then the very next game none of that and my shotgun is actually killing people instead of 99% in 1 hit.


I wonder if turning 99% percent into a kill is actually possible for them. When it comes to balance I don’t know if this is intentional or if they just don’t know how to fix it lol.

I get these in private matches with friends pretty often.

Pretty sure it could be coded to just turn anything above, say 92% a gib.

I find the high 90’s damage without a gib to be maddening. 3 shots for 99%. Even if I missed pellets each time, wouldn’t it make sense at that damage not to be able to turn and gib me from a distance?


the idea I get with this each time I get 99%'d is that after I pull my trigger and hit, they get that extra centimeter to obtain the gib. I’m sure under the right circumstances this isn’t true if tested right. I’m willing to believe that the game is rolling a number to achieve 97-100%

I know it sounds crazy but its just a hunch.


I actually had that happen last night. The 3 shots to above 92 is a common occurrence it seems

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Far too many infuriating 99% shots in this game.


Don’t need a gib at 92 percent but a down at 95% should be a thing… No matter the distance.

Wow… This is one hell of a stupid thread.

Do you guys also complain about almost killing somebody in other games?


Let me guess.

You have a high or fluctuating ping and enjoy lag comp allowing you to run straight at people eating shots till you finally connect on one.


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No I’m on a below 10 ping and rarely run into this…

But hey… He might have 600 health.

But since you did 550 dmg. You deserve the kill… Amirite?

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Your math is bad anyhow.

No other game does this 99% stuff.

I find single digit guys more frequently take no damage for 3 shots even though they clearly react to shots on screen.

Single digit pings and pings higher than 60 rarely complain.

It’s the people in the middle ping that get robbed more often.

Look at you go…

Alright so my math was off… So you did 594 dmg. But you know.
That’s still not 600 dmg and therefore not enough to grant you a kill…

And the people that often complain about shots being eaten are often missing their shots.


I won’t even ask if a calculator was needed.

Yes people miss shots.

Yes lag comp does wacky things.

Always remember just because it’s not something you’ve seen or experienced doesn’t mean it’s not an issue for others.


All it means is you weren’t close enough for gib. Get closer, stop whining. This is just whining

I’ve got to agree with the OP, when your one shot is 99% only to get downed with their 96% shot it does get a bit frustrating, the one common denominator is that I usually have the lowest thing in the room when these types of things happen.

Long Live Guardian!!!

i always wondered if 99 percent is something that actually happens or if its some sort of built in lag compensation type thing

We don’t play other games here


would you be happier with 83%(Gears 4)? because it’s the exact same thing. it means you weren’t close enough to gib.

here’s a solution, remove the percentage readouts. it’s done nothing but confuse players ever since TC introduced it.