Seriously 5 - Chapters speculation

Just curious as to what you guys might think will be the requirements of any future Seriously 5 Chapter Achievements.

Compiled a small list of my own which i think could be viable:

  • Mastering all Horde maps and Escape Hives
  • Completing x amount of Tours of Duty
  • Having some/all Characters to level 18
  • Maxing out a Character class (same as Classy!)
  • Re-up 40, 50 (depends on how may chapters)
  • God forbid another Iron man Campaign run

Any thoughts?

NO NO NO NO NO NO to all of those. Another NO.

I hope I was clear enough.

Please close this thread.


Could be as simple as, earn all Gears 5 achievements, as lots of your requirements listed above are now covered by the newer achievements?

I assume there will be more master if horde and or escape maps. I hope it’s not all. I can see the reup for sure. But don’t think it’ll be 50. Characters to 16 or 18. Maybe one achievements for JD/Del/Kait and another for Mac/Lahni/Keegan. Not a huge grind but gets the main characters for horde/escape done.

The one I hope you’re dead wrong on is complete so many tour of duties. If you only did one for general up to the point they release seriously part 2, you’re way behind on something you can’t catch up on.

I’m hoping for 10 escape masters and 10 horde masters, reup 30, characters as I explained above, one character with all cards to 5, one legendary card to 6, so many kills with X weapon. It’s a grind but not insane.

Get 100% of the medals in 1 tour.

One of them will (almost) definitely be master every single Escape hive and Horde map. Good luck with The Warren, Ice Queen, and The Line without grenade duping, boys.


If that’s the case, it better count from all the way back in the first tour, because I did it then and never doing it again. Don’t have that much free time anymore.

I am doing it now just in case as this one is not that hard.

We figured they’ll do that, hope they won’t but most likely. So we’re trying to get them all but only at 12/23.