Seriously 5 Chapter 2 Not unlocking/Tracker becoming stuck /reporting a glitch

The Trello page was abandoned a long time ago. Don’t count on it being updated or even looked at by TC.

This week I met the requirements for Seriously but the tracker shows 99%.

First, The Centaur Set is glitched, I have every Tank class at level 20 but the tracker shows 97%. So I assume that until Centaur fixed itself, I can’t unlock Seriously (And even so, I doubt that Seriously unlocks even if Centaur is fixed)

I submited a ticket, post on TA, Xbox forums, Xbox support and here. I don’t expect an answer from TC, but at least I did everything that I can


Any idea which class it glitched on? Or didn’t notice until you met the requirements for Centar and only showed the 97%? Have you tried doing some XP leech kicking with each of the tank classes just in case it would cause the game to try to award the class XP, and trigger it to recognize that you’ve already hit max, or let it award the XP in case the max level is a visual glitch and you still need a few hundred or thousand XP?

I know Epic had their share of buggy achievements (original Seriously), but it really feels like Gears 5 has had a ton more buggy ones.

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It could be any class. For months I had 95%, after I leveled up Pilot and Veteran from 19 to 20 my tracker went up to 97%

I finished Clock on Master with every tank class after the glitch but I didn’t try leech XP.

I’ll try it

Well, I wrote on Xbox Community and I got an answer, faster than the answers from TC.

Sadly, the answer is posting here and submit a ticket, so I tried but I didn’t got an answer that fix the issue.

I like this one…

Please send a complain here Operation 8 - Complaints

Hopefully some day it will just randomly unlock, lets face it, theres more chance of that than TC doing anything about it.


ticket open for 2 months no news, thanks TC …

I posted in the “known issue discussion” thread multiple times. My posts kept getting deleted. Apparently these wide-spread achievement tracking issues don’t count as a ‘known issue’. Not sure if the logic was that they thought it was fixed, or they thought that many people were incapable of keeping track of their progress manually.


I simply believe if they (TC) dont acknowledge theres an issue then it doesn’t exist.

Well, I finished all my horde frenzy maps on master and, as expected, the achievement did not unlock -_-

Still gonna recommend everyone who still has issue to file a trouble ticket with TC. That way you have a trouble ticket number and it’s harder for TC to ignore when there’s documentation. Won’t guarantee it’ll help, but mine only unlocked after I’d filed my ticket.

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@GhostofDelta2 what was the issue that shauny used help people with, pretty sure it progress no received like xp and reup progress stuck?

Sure this happened after they updated the reup xp requirements then more achvs were added at a later date?

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It was after the reup update, some accounts that were on reup 24 or 25 previously got an error which ruined their account. He than ran a script on their account which would usually fix it.


Going to take one more stab at at least getting this added to the official unofficial list of issues…

@AceMcCloud please look at this thread. There are dozens of people who have met the requirements for Seriously 5.2, but it isn’t unlocking. Those of us who finally got it to unlock months after tracking issues were “fixed” did so by replaying the same maps over and over until finally whichever one(s) were not counting finally decided to count.

Seriously 5.2 achievement tracking issues have been a known issue to the Gears community since August 2021, and as of January 2022, they are STILL ongoing and affecting people. I realize the TC community management team has been in shambles for months now, but adding this to the known issue list would at least keep it on the radar if/when things stabilize at TC.


Funnily enough, if TC never created a fix in a TU for this issue it is possible that certain accounts still unknowingly have this problem. I had this issue myself and had a few people on my friends list who haven’t played since may have it.

Maybe the additions of 10 extra re-ups fixed it? It could potentially have broken others though if that is true.

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Edit: helps if I pay attention to which comment/issue this was in response to…

But still doubt it. Most people who had the re-up/xp issue either noticed it immediately and reached out via tickets or messaging Shauny to get it fixed, or did not notice from not playing the game anymore or have no concern for the achievements. Thus anyone who cares or cared almost certainly had it fixed before the additional re-ups were added.

Plus I believe the issue only occured to people at specific Re-up and level points before the XP curve was dropped.


The main issue here is that TC are simply ignoring the fact their game has a major bug tied to achievements unlocking.


Agreed. Though part of the issue can be attributed to the amount of stuff that the achievement is checking for. Every campaign chapter, every class, every horde map, every escape map, every re-up


When these last achvs came out i unlocked all (except chapter 2 and reup60) on the 3rd of august, chapter 2 was the 5th and reup 60 was the 7th.

Think chapter 2 was a bit buggy due to the horde tile maps and server issue not tracking properly due to them always being like that when tc do updates.

It was also said that we must do both horde 50 waves and frenzy for chapter 2.

Some people got tracking to move while doing jingle juvies once it was noticed that it wasnt tied to the above modes.

As usual Tc gives out false information, (see numerous class card errors) wouldnt be surprised if they have no idea how to fix it.

Such a shame as many people like to have gears games with 100% completion.

This will just drive people away from any future games by this company.


Yeah, I have sent multiple requests about this at this point, sadly no luck with it randomly unlocking yet :weary: