Seriously 5 Chapter 2 Not unlocking/Tracker becoming stuck /reporting a glitch

To those it may concern, moderators of TC

I, Groznia (call me Groz) am a member of the xbox achievement community True

I have been a committed player of the Gears of War franchise dating back to the original Gears of War. Over the years I have made it a point to complete every achievement in each game in the series. Currently, I am closing in on completion for Gears 5 and will be proud to finish all of the achievements for this game as well.

However, I and many others from my community have encountered a problem with Seriously 5 Chapter 2 (hence forth referred to as Seriously 5.2) I and many of my fellows have completed all of the requirements you have listed yet the achievement does not unlocked as expected for any of us. For many of us the tracker is now stuck a couple of percentage points away from 100.

In my case my tracker seems to be stuck on 97% I have been trying various things to see if it will increase or unlock on its own but that as of yet has not happened.

Our chief concern is that no amount of effort on our part in game will resolve the issue. We fear the problem was caused by the most recent patch released with Operation 8 Drop 2 on Tuesday 9/14. We believe it had the unintended consequence of throwing off the xbox achievement tracker. Those I have spoken with have reported no increases in their achievement tracker since that date despite completing the achievement requirement.

My fellow achievement hunters and I have spent a great deal of time working towards the goal of completing this game and it is our hope that TC will address our concerns by taking the following actions.

  1. Clarify on a case by case basis what if anything is missing from our records that prevents us from getting the achievement so we can rectify the situation. For many of us our stats in game and on your website indicate that we have met all the requirements as intended.

  2. if the problem is external to player involvement (in this case a glitch) that TC will endeavor to determine the existence of this glitch and patch it so the tracker functions properly and the achievement is awarded to those who have met the requirements.

I hope TC will respond accordingly and address the concerns laid out here and in subsequent replies by my TA colleagues. We all hope for a clear and speedy resolution to this problem and will provide further details through your community support portal as necessary.

Sincerely and Respectfully,



Don’t be so naive. The current “community team” spent an average amount of 6 seconds on each reply they “read”.


I am also stuck on 99%. I finished the last class after the latest TU and the tracker did not go up.

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I am stuck at 99%, completed all requirements for the achievement also (I checked both on the website and in-game to make sure everything is registered on both, and it is).

Specifically, I have:
Completed campaign on Ironman Inconceivable
Re-up 60
All classes at level 20
All 32 hives mastered
All horde maps (37, this includes the 2 new ones) on master

Please TC could you look into this and see what might be the issue? I’m not trying to be confrontational, it’s just that I’ve put in 4790 hours according to my stats and I I would reeeally like to get that final shiny badge… I’ve worked hard for it :slight_smile:


Did you finish the classes after the latest update?

There have been lots of issues across achievement tracking in Gears games lately, as I also noticed an issue with Tactics (now resolved).

Not sure if this helps, but what I discovered before unlocking S5 Chp2, is that the Horde maps I joined ‘in session’ did not log as completing the maps on Master, even though they are displayed as complete on the website.

If you can recall any where this is the case, prioritise those by completing Jingle Juvies wave 20, (easy to solo with Infiltrator)

If you have difficulty recalling, it’s best to look at other Horde achievements to see if you have them. Essentially 5.0 Chap 1 covers the launch maps and later achievements covers later released maps, but I found it was Regency, Speyer, Pahanu etc, around those maps which required another run as I had mastered them via joining a session that was already underway.

So, in a nutshell, you need to have been in the lobby at the start of the match for these to count.

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I’m sure this will help some but in my case I’ve only ever hosted my own lobbies so joining in progress should not have been an issue for me at any point. Seriously 5.2 is my final non pvp achievement to unlock. So I still am unsure what my remaining 3% corresponds to. Especially since I’ve already done JJ for every map. I may do JJ for each map once more and am trying to get my frenzy maps completed legit 1-12 whenever they are the daily. However the last 2 I did that way did not gain me in progress either.

I heard today that someone got their Seriously 5.2 after completing the 2 new maps (but I already JJ-ed both so I don’t see what difference that will make but its worth a try)

Regardless, thanks for your post Hooded Claw006! :slightly_smiling_face:

Are there any Escape maps you have only completed once? I play Escape religiously, so all of my Master runs are pretty much in double figures ,so I never had to double check them. There definitely needed to be a checklist with ticks (similar to some Gears 3 achievements) so you knew what was missing.


@Groznia Yeah I’d recommend double checking this.

If you joined a game in progress in act 1 and the host fails, although you will spawn with them on the next retry at the pod room and get the same XP, it doesn’t always count with a tick-box on the stats page. You need to have been in the lobby as it loads in for it to guarantee it to count.

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I am now posting on behalf of TA user BlackJack his statement is as follows:

Hi,my GT is ox BlackJack xo (I asked user Groz to copy the following because I could not login on your forum) I also wrote you an email regarding the aforementioned problem.

I have the achievement Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 stuck at 99%.
I have reached re-up 60
Completed inconceivable campaign ironman
Each map for escape and horde is completed on master

Before your last update 8.2 I already had everything but Jack done. After the update I got level 20 for Jack butI did not unlock the achievement.

I’m sure this is related to your last update. Its my wish that after 1700 hours spent in Gears 5 as well as incalculable hours spent completing with every achievements in the previous gears since xbox 360 you can fix this problem for all the players who love these games.

I also add that it seems that even the achievement related to winning the 10 events is current unobtainable. I think this is more evidence that something is wrong with the tracker for more achievements than just Seriously 5.2

Thank you for all the hard work you have done on this game and we hope for good news soon.




Not only Seriously Chapter 2 Tracker is broken now, it also applies to other Achievement trackers apparently no progress is made anymore to anything…especially damage in VS.

As for seriously Chapter 2

A friend and I did Command in Horde and Hunters in the hives on Master yesterday (we haven’t mastered these before ever!) however, the percentage didn’t move up at all for either of us…

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Other users are reporting tracking issues for other achievements, like Centaur Set and Total Annihilation.

TC very clearly broke something.

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I am posting on behalf of TA User Biathlon1992 who was unable login to this forum and make a post of his own. He says:

I’ve got all the requirements and stuck at 99%

• all characters including promos are lvl20
• my re-up is 60
• I beat the campaign long time ago on inconceivable
• all escape hives are mastered
• for all of the horde maps I finished wave 50 for 3 times. First time I just played with random and missed some of the maps, some I joined when fab already been placed so I played for the second time. I played on friends host, so most of the maps I rejoined as other character but ma tracker moved for 7% by this method. For the 3rd time I played on my host. Yesterday we finished all maps including original ones and drop 2 maps. Still got nothing.

Btw, my friend “its Ronyx” has the same issue. Please do something to help us!

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Just to add - one of my friends was stuck on 99% for a while too despite having completed all of the required tasks completed (campaign, all Escape hives, all PVE classes, the relevant reup rank, and all Horde maps had the mastered box ticked).

What we decided to do, was to redo the newest Horde maps (at the time) so Turbine, Ritual and Atrium, and after the last one his achievement unlocked.

I don’t know if there was an issue with the game and the achievement tracker when Op 8 first launched for the first week or two and perhaps the game was counting the maps as being completed, but the achievement tracker wasn’t, but we re-did it about a month later.

I can’t promise this will resolve it, but it may be worth trying.

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Thanks again for trying to help everyone Bleeding Pepper.

At this point I’m trying absolutely everything I can to unlock it for myself and to help others.

Currently I am doing the following:

  1. Completing all Escape maps on master that I have only completed once before (in the hope that if it didn’t count a 2nd run will)

  2. Finishing all horde maps on 1-12 and eventually on 1-50. Only one was said to be required for the achievement but I want to make doubly sure its done. I’ve already done several runs of Jingle Juvies and remain stuck at 97%

  3. If all else fails I will play the campaign on Inconceivable again.

Finally, after a week of trying to log in to the forums, I have an opportunity to leave a comment.
I stuck at 99%, I already finished horde maps for 3 times. We even tried jingle juvies. We finished 27 maps in one run and lost connection to the servers… For now me and my friend trying to complete all escape maps again. Mb some of maps are finished not from the begging but from the second room. @TC_Shauny, please look into this problem. There is big community of the achievement hunters and we are not the only ones who has problems with the tracker. All of the requirements are complete. It feels awful when you have 99% and don’t know if you missed something or it’s just another bug

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Shauny’s no longer at TC and as far as I know there isn’t anyone in the Community Manager posts at the moment. Best to submit a ticket.

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Hi my achievement is stuck on 98%, ive done all Escape maps on master, And all maps on master on horde. I finshed my last class Jack during the last XP event. Once i got to level 20 i got no progress towards seriously. I hope that the TC can look into this issue as im not the only one with problems. Thanks

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Hi, my achievement is stuck on 99% as well. Met all requirements and I have replayed most horde maps as was recommended previously.

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Good and bad news for all who stuck on 97% or 99%. I finally got my achievement after about 2 weeks of trying to fix my achievement.
I played wave 50 of horde for 3 times. I finished wave 20 for all non original maps in jingle juvies, but got nothing, so me and my friend decided to master escape maps again… I was pretty sure I joined some games in action, so that could be the problem, anyway all maps were mastered in stats.
We started with non original maps. We finished 3 maps and got nothing. It felt bad we have to replay all of the escape maps again.
Today we started with The Blight, we played for half of hour, but random rooms placement was bad, so we started new one. After several of tries my friend asked if we have to try another rooms placement, but I decided try one more time, and no way, we did it. I was the only one who escaped alive.
Immediately after gates closed achievement popped… That was feeling of victory, I was very happy to finally get an achievement. So much time and nerves killed for this game. My friend still missing something, but now we can be sure that escape can be the one what bugged.

Now I can confirm, that horde is not the only reason achievement not popped. Replay all the horde maps, If it’s not gonna work, don’t give up and go for escape, even if all escape maps mastered at stat.
Good luck everyone and peace.

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